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  • Excuse me, RighteousClaim, do you mind if I add Gabriel's and Vassago's Ocean Turtle and Underworld full body images to their main pages?

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  • RighteousClaim, I think you have a point. Aside from your jokes I totally don't think there are "Natural" images of Johnny Black's real world appearance. Since I can remember that he was arrested by the time he syringe Kirito with Succinylcholine.

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    • This is why I suggest that manga's images may be the oply opportunoty for the chaarcter to get a picture for Infobox.

      Another one is a possiblity for him to ever appear in SAOP,- which is weak.

      Or in the last main series story,- which is also not very possible. Though, if the LC Trio ever gathers together beyond the borders, it might be nice.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • You forgot to include the OS manga chapter number on your Fuurinkazan images:

    Please edit the file descriptions to include a reference to the specific chapter.

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  • You seemed to have missed when I told you to remove the blank line if you want to categorise through the summary.

    You type:

    [[Category:Extra Source

    When you should type:

    [[Category:Extra Source]]
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    • Hello.

      Why did you make this gap in the first place- is it because the chat would not show it as a text? So I do not need to place the ]] on another line?

      I couldn't upload the picture for the 75th floor. The uploader denied the picture both times.

      Floor 75 -Boss room  -Design Works Artbook.png - Do you think, something is wrong with the name of the file?

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    • The chat automatically parses the links. In other words, if I had typed it properly to the end, all you would have seen would be the link, not the formatting for it. That's why I added the line break and specifically told you to remove it when typing it on the wiki.

      As for the file, did you get any specific error messages? I don't see anything outright wrong with the file name.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I've noticed that you seem to have misspelled "Behemoth" as "Begemoth". Please double check character name spelling before uploading images.

    Also, for anime image titling, please don't just add the episode number and character name. That's not very descriptive. When a character only appears for a single scene in the entire episode (like Nishida in episode 11), then you might title an image like that, but otherwise, please use a title that would make it obvious what the image is about without needing to take a look at it. For example, here's how I renamed one of your images of Behemoth:

    Also, novel, manga and anime pictures on a gallery are ordered by chronology. So when you add an additional anime screenshot to a gallery, please check whether it's placed in the right sequence of events.

    P.S. You can use spaces in file names. There's no need to glue words together.

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  • It seems that you misunderstood where image sourcing should be done. You did it on the gallery itself, but it should be done on file pages.

    Here's an example of how I added the source for one of your images:

    I hope the following images will help.

    To source an image while you're uploading it,

    Write it in the large field given on the upload page.

    If you need to add a source to an already uploaded image, go to its file page, for example, (you can find it by clicking on an image and then clicking on the file name in the pop-up window).

    And just edit the page either via the edit button, or the "Add description" button.

    Images like that Code Register design must have a link to the source. In this case, it should link to a Dengeki Online article that featured that image, since the image comes from there, not Code Register itself.

    You should also categorise the files that you upload. You'll see an option to add categories at the bottom of the file page.

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    • Hey.

      When you'll have time- could you check the files? I managed two of them as "extra source", and with the third I tried to type "Manga" there and saw some "Manga..." Tags or whatever they are called here.

      I suppose, "I should "tag" all the pages from there as "Manga pages".

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    • There's a Category:Manga Images category for manga images. Oh, and manga images go under a manga heading on gallery pages.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, welcome to Sword Art Online Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Thread:52073|I have sorted the pictures... page.

    For starters, here are a few common mistakes that new users make: both British English and American English are fine on this wikia, so do not change one for the other redundantly; only official content from sources like the light novel, anime and manga are allowed on this wikia. Also, please try to reference any facts, as they may be removed for being considered speculation otherwise.

    Here are some helpful links if you have any questions:

    If you cannot find a place to help out here are some good starting points:

    If you have any questions or concerns, just ask any of our editors or myself for help.

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