Metamorphosis refers to an Illusion-element spell in ALfheim Online.


Once the incantation is completed, the spell turns the caster into a monster. The shape of the monster that the player is transformed into depends randomly on the player's combat skills. However, this spell is not popular, as the end result is usually a weak monster with no change in stats, thus it is usually not viable in actual combat.[1]


Þeír[2] hræða[2] nótt[2] dýpt[2], renn[3] helvegr[3][† 1]


Seā urāza nōto diputo, ren herubegūru.[5]

Frighten them, depth of the night, and chase them along the roads of Hell.[6]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 3, Chapter 4 Episode 19 Fairy Dance Manga Stage.005 Kirito used this spell to turn into a Gleam Eyes-like monster and slaughter a party of twelve Salamanders, though he left one alive at Leafa's request, near the gates to Legrue City.


  1. The anime has used the words "auga brott svalr" in the animation, however, the SAO no Subete guidebook contains a different version of the words. As the guidebook also comes with a translation and was released after the anime, it is considered to be the more up to date version.


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