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«Meteor Break» (メテオ・ブレイク, Meteo Bureiku?) is a 7-hit Sword Skill composition of the Martial Arts and One-Handed Sword skills in Sword Art Online, New ALfheim Online and Project Alicization.


The first strike of the 7-hit combo of «Meteor Break» is a strong, downward strike to the right. Afterwards, the user twists their wrist and swings the sword back up, retracing the trajectory of the first strike with a motion similar to a golf club’s swing. Then, going against the expectation of monster opponents, the user rams the target with their left shoulder, instead of swinging downwards with their sword again. This tackle is followed by a vertical swing at the swaying target and another tackle with the user’s right shoulder. Finally, the skill is concluded with a horizontal slash from right to left, aimed at the target’s neck.[1]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 1, Chapter 9 Episode 08 Aincrad Manga Stage.004 Kirito used this Sword Skill to finish off a Demonic Servant.
Volume 13, Chapter 10 Eugeo used this skill to ram Bercouli, after deceiving him by using an icicle instead of his sword to distract him, and thus forced Bercouli to land in the partially frozen bath, where Eugeo could finish his Blue Rose Sword's special ability.


  • «Meteor Break», along with «Meteor Fall», are the only known Sword Skills that combines the usage of a sword and unarmed fighting skills and both of the two have "meteor" in the skill's name.
  • The anime only portrays the initial move of «Meteor Break», but does not show the remaining six hits.
  • Although it is said that «Meteor Break» is a 7-hit combo, only six moves have been described.
  • A modified version of «Meteor Break» was included in «Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax» as a special move used by Kirito; however, the skill can only be used after «Horizontal Square».[citation needed]



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