Moonlight Mirror (月光鏡, Gekkō Kyō?) is a darkness-element spell in ALfheim Online.


Once cast, the surroundings suddenly darken and moonlight begins pouring out of the darkness. The moonlight then begins concentrating in front of the caster, forming a liquid-gold, round, mirror. The mirror then connects to another mirror, created at a designated location, establishing a bidirectional visual and audio connection with it, and thus allowing live communication between two far away locations through it.[1]

The spell can only be used for a short period at daytime, as it requires the light from the moon for extended use.[1]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 3, Chapter 4 Episode 20 Fairy Dance Manga Stage.007 Alicia Rue used this spell to allow Sakuya to have a live conversation with Sigurd, during which she banished him from the Sylph territory due to his treachery.


  • «Moonlight Mirror» is the only known named spell that is written in kanji, instead of katakanized English.
  • The mirror portrayed in the anime is rectangle, instead of being round.



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