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Warning Spoiler Alert: This article or section contains details about plotlines not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you wish to be spoiled.

Nephila Regina (ネフィラ女王(レジーナ), Nefira Joou(Rejīna)?) is the boss of the Queen Spider's Nest on the 3rd Floor of Aincrad in Sword Art Online, as well as the Flag Mob for the Vanquishing the Spiders quest.[1] The boss has two Hit Point bars and takes a minimum of three hours to respawn after being killed.[1]


Nephila Regina has bulging body with round, glowing, red eyes, eight legs the size of tree trunks and a dull purple exoskeleton with silver patterns.[1]

Attack Patterns

Nephila Regina's attack patterns include jabs from the front legs, bites from poison fangs, a sticky spray from the rear that would stick the player in place if stuck to the feet or blind the player if stuck to the head, and a vertical jump, causing a shock wave upon landing that may lead to the player stumbling or falling over but can be avoided by jumping just before it lands.[1]

When the spider is planning to attack with its legs, one of the legs twitch and this leg is the first to attack, soon followed by the second leg. When the spider is planning to do a jump attack, it crunches down with all eight legs.[1]

Boss Battle


Kibaou's party attracted the attention of Nephila Regina while they were attempting to complete a task for the guild creation quest. Kirito intercepted the spider while it was chasing Kibaou's party on the first floor of the dungeon and lured it to a room large enough for him, Asuna and Kizmel to fight. The spider began by attacking Kirito with its right and then left legs, but Kirito avoided them by jumping to the left. The three then attacked the spider with Sword Skills while the spider's legs were stuck in the ground. After the delay, the spider then used a jump attack, but the attack was avoided. The battle continued for a total of three minutes until the spider was defeated.


  • "Nephila" is a genus of spiders, while "regina" is Latin for "queen".


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