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The Norlangarth North Area Swordsmanship Competition (ノーランガルス北域剣術大会, Nōrangarusu Kita-iki Kenjutsu Taikai?), also known as the Zakkaria Sword Arts Tournament, is a sword competition which is held every year on the 28th Day of the 8th Month in the town of Zakkaria. Any guard from the more than 50 surrounding villages as well as the apprentice guards of Zakkaria itself have the right to participate in the tournament. 

The tournament consists of two blocks: west and east. All contestants have to draw a ball from a box to decide which block the contestant will be assigned to: if a blue ball is drawn, the contestant is assigned to the west block, if a red ball is drawn - the east block.

The tournament is held in two parts. In the first part, the contestants must execute ten predetermined movements in order which are then evaluated by judges, who will select the 8 best from each group. The second round consists of elimination battles until only one contestant from each group remains.

The winners from each block will be selected to become guards of Zakkaria and, if they prove their worth as guards, they may be given a recommendation letter from the Zakkarian chief guard that would allow them to take part in the entrance exam of the Sword Mastery Academy.

Originally, a fight between the winner of each block was held. However, the fight was so intense that the «Taboo Index» clause against harming each other was at risk of being broken, thus the finals were no longer held.


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