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The «Norlangarth North Empire Swordsmanship Tournament» (ノーランガルス北帝国剣武大会, Nōrangarusu Kita Teikoku Kenbu Taikai?), also known as just the «Empire Swordsmanship Tournament» (帝国剣武大会, Teikoku Kenbu Taikai?), is a swordsmanship tournament hosted by the emperor of the Norlangarth North Empire in Underworld at the end of the 3rd Month each year.

The tournament takes the form of a «First Strike» match between the representatives of the Imperial Knight Order, the two top graduates of the Sword Mastery Academy and representatives of the main families of the various swordsmanship schools.[1] As the tournament follows the First Strike rule, the contestants may suffer great injuries during the course of the tournament.

Although in the late 4th century of the Human Empire Calendar (HEC) the tournament is organised to choose the Norlangarth North Empire's representatives for the Four Empires Unity Tournament, the Empire Swordsmanship Tournament existed for much longer, as Bercouli participated in it around the 1st century of the HEC, while the Four Empires Tournament was only first held in the 4th century.

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