This article is about the monster in ALfheim Online and not the race that lives in the Dark Territory in Underworld.

Orcs (オーク, Ōku?) are monsters that infest The Legrue Corridor in ALfheim Online.


An Orc resembles a caveman but has brown skin fur, red eyes and pointy ears. A club is their weapon of choice.


Fairy Dance ArcEdit

Kirito and Leafa encounter more than 10 groups of Orcs along the way to the mining town of Legrue in the center of the cave during their 2 hour travel and are able to defeat the monsters with no problems. They also briefly encounter a nest of Orcs while running out of the cave to reach the Sylph and Cait Sith meeting before the Salamanders can ruin it. However, this group of Orcs aren't even able to hit Kirito or Leafa due to Kirito running and pulling Leafa with him at breakneck speed. By the time the two swordsmen reach the end of the cave, a giant wave of Orcs and other monsters have started chasing them, creating an earthshaking, avalanche-like tremor.

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