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This page is about player-created sword skills in New ALfheim Online. For the list of SAO's sword skills, see Sword Skills.
Not to be confused with the Original Sword Skill system in Hollow Fragment.

Original Sword Skills

The Original Sword Skill (オリジナル・ソードスキル, Orijinaru Sōdo Sukiru?, abbreviated as OSS) system is a system introduced in ALfheim Online which allows the player to create a Sword Skill of their own.


To record a new OSS, the player needs to open the menu, move to the OSS panel and activate the Sword Skill recording mode by pressing "Start" there. After that, the player only needs to swing one's weapon in a desired set of moves and press "Finish" once done. The downside of this system is that such skills are only accepted by the system if they meet very high speed, combo and execution requirements. To create an OSS the player must be able to execute the skill flawlessly, at the same speed as the completed skill but unassisted by the system. This should be impossible without the system's assist, but players have managed to create various OSSs.

Besides adding the ability to automatically use desired moves, it also adds elemental damage, which can be from fire, earth, lightning, water, light and darkness, to the Sword Skill. A skill can have up to two different elemental attributes and the damage rate of the skill is a combined percentage between the physical damage and the magical damage.


A "Skill Manual" can be created to hand over the created OSS to other players and this caused players to sell Original Sword Skills, with 5-hit combo or more skills being the most expensive things in ALO due to being very hard to create. However each player can only give one Skill Manual of each OSS to another player, meaning that it can only be given to one other player.

Known OSS[]

  • Volcanic Blazer: 8-hit - created by Salamander General Eugene. It was known to be the strongest OSS, until Mother's Rosario was made well known.
  • Mother's Rosario: 11-hit - created by Yuuki.[1] It is the strongest OSS in ALO and was given to Asuna.
  • Starry Tear: 5-hit - created by Asuna.[1]


  • It is possible to create Original Sword Skills with more than one sword, as Kirito has been capable of recreating three Sword Skills from his old Dual Blades skill, though none were named. He has also attempted to recreate the Starburst Stream Sword Skill but has been unsuccessful so far.[2]



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