A Plasma Grenade (プラズマグレネード, Purazuma Gurenēdo?) is one of the types of grenades in Gun Gale Online. Plasma grenades are considered to be cheap and effective tools; however, as all such items, they do have an element of danger. If another player manages to shoot a grenade, it will cause the grenade to detonate and kill the person carrying it.[1]


A plasma grenade is a ball-shaped, metal device.[2] Once the grenade has been activated, one part of the grenade periodically flashes in red and creates a beeping sound.[2] Once the timer expires, the grenade simultaneously causes both a regular explosion and an electrical discharge.[2] The explosion deals direct damage to surrounding players, while the electrical discharge stuns the players that manage to survive the explosion.[3] The explosion at point blank range is powerful enough to instantly kill even a heavily armed player.[1]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
First American Bullet of Bullets The tournament was ended in a draw between two players because one of them used a plasma grenade to kill both of them at the same time.[4]
Volume 5, Chapter 3 SII Episode 02 Dyne used a plasma grenade in a suicide attack against a Mob hunting squadron. The grenade resulted in one player being killed, while another player survived the explosion, but was stunned.
Volume 6, Chapter 10 SII Episode 08 Sinon used her PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II to shoot a plasma grenade carried by Shishigane, causing the grenade to explode and kill the player.
Volume 6, Chapter 14 SII Episode 13 Sinon used a grenade to end the 3rd Bullet of Bullets in a draw by using the grenade's explosion to simultaneously kill herself and Kirito.


  • Some players use plasma grenades for an underhanded trick known as Gift Grenades (お土産グレネード, Omiyage Gurenēdo?). The trick involves the losing player using a grenade to kill both themselves and their opponent.[4]



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