Pneuma Flower (プネウマの花, Puneuma no Hana?) was a rare revival item in Sword Art Online, usable only on «Tamed Monsters». The flower would sprout from the grass of a white stone[1] in the middle of the 47th Floor's northern dungeon, the «Hill of Memories», if visited by a Beast Tamer who had lost their Tamed Monster.[2] Since Beast Tamers were few in numbers, the flower was quite expensive in the game.[citation needed]


A Pneuma Flower is a white flower with seven petals,[1] which are similar to the radiance of a star,[1] five yellow stamens[3] and two green leaves.[3]

To revive a deceased Tamed Monster, the owner of the Tamed Monster has to drip the droplet of water in the middle of the flower onto the pet's «Heart».[1] However, the item is only effective if it is used within three days of the Tamed Monster's death, as after that, the «Heart» turns into «Remains».[2]




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