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The «Procyon SL» (プロキオンSL, Purokion SL?) is an optical, fully-automatic handgun from Gun Gale Online. A model of it was awarded to some participants of the second Bullet of Bullets.


The Procyon SL's grip is shaped in an ergonomic curve, with a high caliber gun barrel above the large trigger guard. It might be said to be a Bullpup style gun, with the dull machine part with heat vents placed somewhere behind and above the grip.[1]


Phantom Bullet ArcEdit

Shino acquired a model of this gun by placing 22nd in the 2nd Bullet of Bullets and choosing it as her reward over in-game currency and other items, since it would allow her to gauge the progress of her treatment of her hoplophobia. At first, Shino had opened the package two weeks after it arrived and shoved it into the deepest part of her desk drawer.

After battling Behemoth and standing up to Endou's gang, Shino decided to face her fears and touch the model gun, bringing forth a panic attack, as she relived the scene of her killing a robber.

After the events of the 3rd Bullet of Bullets and finding out that Shinkawa Kyouji was one of the Death Guns, Shino used the model gun to trick Kyouji, who was out of touch with reality, into believing that she could actually shoot him with the gun. While Kyouji spaced out, Shino attempted to reach the door.


  • Because the Procyon SL is a handgun that can fire in full-auto mode, it is a popular side arm for hunting monsters.[1]



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