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The Quest notification being activated.

A Quest (クエスト, Kuesuto?) is an NPC-initiated event that typically leads to a reward after fulfilling a series of set conditions. Certain quests are given via a bulletin board, instead of an NPC.[1][2]


In Sword Art Online, most quests can be completed repeatedly, however, most such quests have a "cooldown time" after the quest is completed before it becomes available again, though certain quests, usually the ones offering high-value rewards, can only be completed once.[3]

In some quests, instance maps would be generated, so that different players could accept the same quest without either party hindering the other.[4]

Initiation and ProgressEdit

Progressive Vol 2 - 039

A quest NPC.

Initiation of an NPC-given quest begins by interacting with NPCs that have a gold «!» symbol above them. Usually, a phrase like "Is something troubling you?" is used to accept a quest from an NPC, though this is not the only possible variant and it's not applicable to all quests.[5] Certain quests might also require certain conditions to be met, like accepting an offer for a cup of water, before the quest can be accepted.[5] After a quest is initiated, the respective NPC's gold «!» will change into a «?», denoting a quest in progress; however, the quest will not progress unless the quest giver's entire speech, which tends to be rather long during certain quests, is heard.[3][5] Certain quests have side-objectives that need to be completed before the final objective becomes available. All currently available objectives are displayed as golden «!» on the map,[6] while the final objective that is currently unavailable is displayed as a grey «!» on the map.[7] Once a quest is accepted, the quest appears in the player's quest log with information on the current progress of the quest.

Quest GenerationEdit

The Cardinal System in Sword Art Online and ALfheim Online comes with a feature called «Automatic Quest Generation Function». With this feature, the Cardinal System automatically collects folklore and legends of the world, adapts it for the game and continues to generate infinite amounts of quests using proper names and story patterns. These quests can also lead to an "end of the world" event or one that greatly changes the terrain of the world, as the Cardinal System was given authority to change the world of Aincrad to its discretion, seeing as the world was meant to be destroyed in the end anyway. This feature has usually been disabled in ALfheim, but if activated from the management side, the Cardinal System seems to retain the authority of changing the world to its discretion without even getting permission from the management team. Examples of such quests are «The Holy Sword of the Ice Palace» quest in ALO and the «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures» quest in SAO.

Due to this feature, just those known SAO quests in the quest database of the information shop exceed 10,000 by the time the 75th Floor is reached.[1][2]

Known QuestsEdit

Sword Art OnlineEdit

Floor English Name Japanese Name Description Reward(s) Ref
1 «Cows' Counter Attack» 逆襲の雌牛
(Gyakushū no Meushi)
Unknown Cream [8]
1 «Secret Medicine of the Forest»[† 1] 森の秘薬
(Mori no Hiyaku)
Obtain a rare drop from Little Nepenthes. «Anneal Blade» [5]
2 Martial Arts quest N/A Break a demonic rock with one's bare hands. «Martial Arts» Extra Skill [9]
3 Guild formation quest N/A Guild creation [10][11]
3-9 «Elf War» エルフ戦争
(Erufu Sensou)
A campaign quest that consists of a large number of quests spanning the 3-9th Floors. Player can choose to either aid the Forest Elves or the Dark Elves. Various [12]
4 «Shipwright of Yore» 昔日(せきじつ)船匠(せんしょう)
(Sekijitsu no Senshou)
A multi-stage quest that involves building a boat for freely travelling on the 4th Floor. The final stage of the quest ties in with Elf War campaign quest on the 4th Floor. A chosen design and size gondola [13]
4 «Laketop Fortress» 湖上の城塞
(Kojou no Jousai)
The continuation of the Shipwright of Yore quest for the Dark Elf side of the Elf War campaign. The quest involves defending Yofel Castle from an invasion of Forest Elves. Two chosen Yofilis's family heirlooms.[† 2] [16]
5 Little Lost Jenny 迷子のジェニー
(Maigo no Jenī)
Find a girl's missing pet. Unknown [15]
5 «The Tasteless Collector» 悪趣味な収集家
(Akushumina Shūshūka)
Find a certain type of relic. Unknown [15]
5 «Thirty-Year Lament» 三十年の(なげ)
(Sanjū Nen no Nageki)
Resolve an issue with a lamenting spirit. Unknown [17]
6 «Curse of Stachion» スタキオンの(のろ)Locate and retrieve a missing golden cube. [18]
6 Meditation Extra Skill Quest N/A Unknown «Meditation» Extra Skill [9]
9 Dark Elf Queen's Quest N/A Unknown Queen's Knightsword [19]
22 «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures» 西の魔女と三つの宝
(Nishi no Majo to Mittsu no Takara)
Defeat the Witch and save Dorothy. Includes 3 optional side-objectives to obtain the «Scarecrow»'s brain, the «Tin»'s heart and the «Lion»'s courage, but these quests aren't necessary for the completion of the main quest. The 3 NPCs accompany the players throughout the quest. The quest is based on the Wizard of Oz. Ability to purchase Forest House K4 [7]
30 Ogre Slaughter Quest N/A A slaughter quest to kill ogres wearing strange masks. Repeatable once per week. Unknown [20][2]
55 Frost Dragon Quest N/A Confronting X'rphan the White Wyrm. Secret reward: Crystallite Ingot [3]
Unknown «Angel's Ring» Surpass trials set by a holy angel. One of the parts includes fighting a giant fluffy demonic monster type bunny with wings. Ring of Angel's Whisper [21]
Various Alignment Recovery Quest アライメント回復クエスト A trial given by NPC travellers or wanderers in the wilderness that can be occasionally encountered when a player's cursor is orange. The difficulty and length of the quest depends on the severity of the player's crime. Reverting the player's orange cursor back to green. [22]

ALfheim OnlineEdit


  1. Translated as Herbs of the Forest or Forest Elixir by Yen Press.
  2. Known possible rewards include «Earring of Ripples»[14], «Prancing Boots»[14], and «Sword of Eventide»[15]
  3. Imported from Sword Art Online with changed difficulty



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