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«Rage Spike» (レイジスパイク, Reiji Supaiku?) is a basic, 1-hit, One-Handed Sword category Sword Skill in Sword Art Online, New ALfheim Online, and Project Alicization. In Sword Art Online, the skill is unlocked when a player's «One-Handed Sword» skill proficiency level reaches 50.[1]


«Rage Spike» is a charge-type skill that allows the user to close a distance of about ten meters in nearly an instant and consists of an upward slash from the right.[2] However, as it is a basic skill, it deals a very insignificant amount of damage.[3] The skill is similar to «Sonic Leap», except that it has a larger range[4] and it can only be aimed in a straight line along the ground,[1] sacrificing the ability to launch attacks into the air.[4] However, this trait also makes the skill more accurate and harder to defend against.[1]

The skill can be activated by keeping the body low and bent forward while placing the sword in a parallel manner to the user's right leg and then drawing the sword back.[2]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Progressive Volume 1, Aria of a Starless Night, Part 14 Episode 02 Kirito used «Rage Spike» to charge at Illfang the Kobold Lord before it was able to activate Tsujikaze, because it would be impossible to keep up with that skill after it was launched. Due to the two skills clashing, both Kirito and Illfang suffered a recoil, knocking the two apart. This delay allowed Asuna to use «Linear» on the boss.
Progressive Volume 5, Canon of the Golden Rule, Part 4 N/A After severing Morte's left arm with «Slant», Kirito assaulted the player killer with Rage Spike as soon as his skill delay expired. Despite Morte's attempts to block the attack, Kirito's Accuracy-enhanced sword swayed to the side at the last moment due the system's aim adjust, causing the sword to strike Morte's chest at the area around the heart. Due to striking a vital organ as well as earning a critical hit, Kirito's attack depleted Morte's hit point bar from a nearly full state to one fourth of its maximum value.
Hopeful Chant Part 5 N/A N/A Nautilus used Rage Spike against the Feral Warder Chief to draw the monster's attention to him.
Volume 1, Chapter 22 Episode 14 Aincrad Manga Stage.011 Kirito used this skill to test whether Heathcliff was actually an avatar controlled by Kayaba Akihiko. He was able to avoid Heathcliff's shield, but before the sword reached Heathcliff's chest, an invisible wall stopped the attack and an "Immortal Object" prompt appeared exposing his true identity to everyone who saw it.
Volume 10, Chapter 4, Part 1 Alicization Episode 07 Kirito used «Rage Spike» during his spar with Sortiliena Serlut to get close to his senior before she was able to pull back her whip and strike at him with it again.


  • Though the latest debut of Rage Spike features an upward slash from the right, earlier publications describe the Sword Skill as having the trajectories of a single outward thrust[3] and an upward slash from the left.[4]



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