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«Ragout Rabbit» (ラグー・ラビット, Ragū Rabitto?) was an S-class monster in Sword Art Online. Despite being a super rare monster and the fastest monster in the game, the Ragout Rabbit was not strong and did not give much experience points. However, it dropped the rare item «Ragout Rabbit's Meat» that could be sold to players for no less than 100,000 Cor.[2]


The Ragout Rabbit is a plump rabbit with its green fur tinged with gray, and ears longer than its body.[2]


Aincrad Arc

October, 2024

While on his way home from the 74th Floor Labyrinth on October 17, 2024, Kirito heard a cry that he had never heard before. Using his «Searching» skill, he discovered that the sound was coming from a monster that was hiding in the branches ten meters away from him. After identifying the monster as a Ragout Rabbit, he used his Throwing Pick to kill the rabbit with Single Shot, as he was not confident in catching and attacking the rabbit with his sword. He later gave the rabbit's meat to Asuna to cook stew for dinner.



  • The anime depicts the Ragout Rabbit to have white fur and glowing red eyes.
  • According to Kirito and Asuna, the Ragout Rabbit tastes similar to chicken.[3]