«Ragout Rabbit's Meat» (ラグーラビット肉, Ragū Rabitto Niku?) is an S-rank rare ingredient dropped by the elusive «Ragout Rabbit» in Sword Art Online.


Ragout Rabbit's Meat Stew

Ragout Rabbit's Meat Stew.

The Ragout Rabbit's Meat is an ingredient used in cooking and is said to be the most delicious ingredient in the game. Due to its rarity and taste, it can be sold for a minimum of 100,000 Cor, an amount of money that is more than enough to pay for a full set of the best armors. In order to successfully cook the meat, a player needs to have their Cooking skill at a high level.[1] Stewing the meat is one of the multiple ways to cook it.[2]

It is said that the taste of the meat is very similar to that of chicken in the real world.[3][4]



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