Remain Light

Various Remain Lights.

Remain Lights (残り火(リメインライト), Rimein Raito?) are the souls of killed players in ALfheim Online. Remain Lights remain in the place that the players were killed in for about 1 minute,[1] but this timer increases to 600 seconds (10 minutes) within a boss room or certain dungeons.[2] During this time, the player can be revived on the spot with revival magic or special items. If the player is not revived before the timer expires, the Light vanishes and the player is returned to their re-spawn point. Though dead players are not able to move or take any action while they are dead, they can still hear and see what is going on around them.

Death PenaltyEdit

In addition to dying and turning into a Remain Light, players incur a death penalty where they lose some of their stats. Players also incur an item loss penalty if they are not revived before the timer expires, and the items are given to the player that killed them or, in the case of having a shared inventory (e.g. by being in a party), the lost items are first sent to the still alive players shared inventory, similar to the marriage system in Sword Art Online. In such a case, the attackers only receive the items if they manage to kill all of the members of the party.[3]


The color of the Remain Light's flame is different for each race, based on their primary color:

  • The Remain Lights of two Salamanders.
  • A Spriggan's Remain Light.
  • A Sylph's Remain Light.
Race Flame Color
Cait Sith Yellow
Imp Purple
Gnome Brown
Leprechaun Grey
Pooka Gold
Salamander Red
Spriggan Black
Sylph Green
Undine Blue


Fairy Dance ArcEdit

Revival Timer

It takes 600 seconds for a player to revive after being killed in the World Tree.

After Kirito skewered two Salamanders while protecting Leafa, they went up in flames, which were their Remain Lights. Their souls, after disappearing, go back to their respawn point, from where they could restart their journey.

While fighting to protect the Sylph-Cait Sith Alliance, Kirito killed General Eugene in a duel, turning him into a Remain Light. He was shortly revived by Sakuya under Kirito's request.

When Kirito attempted to clear the Grand Quest to climb the World Tree, he was defeated by an onslaught of Guardian Knights and turned into a Remain Light for the first time. Shortly afterwards, Leafa entered the tree to save Kirito and resurrected him with a World Tree Dewdrop after they had left the quest area.

During Kirito's second attempt to clear the Grand Quest, Recon used Sacrifice to help clear a massive wave of Guardian Knights, resulting in Recon dying and turning into a Remain Light, incurring a death penalty much larger than the one incurred by normal deaths.


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