The Ring of Agility refers to an unnamed rare ring that was the cause of the Golden Apple's downfall.


The ring is silvery-white, with a crimson-red gem in the centre of its front side, and is also emblazoned with several leaves next to the gem. The ring boosts the wearer's AGI stat by 20 points.


The ring is dropped by a rare monster, a fast, hard to identify, completely black cricket, found in a dungeon on the middle floors of Aincrad.[1] Although dropped by a monster on the middle floors, an item of this quality has not been dropped on the front lines.[1]


Aincrad ArcEdit

A Murder Case in the AreaEdit

In the autumn of 2023, the Golden Apple guild members acquired the ring after they encountered a rare monster in a dungeon and managed to barely kill it with a thrown knife. However, the guild was then divided on what to do with the ring. Some members wanted to keep the ring to increase their battle potential, while others wanted to sell it for a lot of money and split it evenly among the guild. In the end, the guild members voted and, in favour of 5 votes against 3, they decided to sell the ring. However, while the guild leader, Griselda, was off to sell the ring at an auction at the front lines, she was murdered. After the event, the guild split up due to the increasing distrust between the members, as only they knew about the existence of the ring, thus one of them had been involved in the murder.




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