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Ronbaru (ロンバール, Ronbāru?) is the main settlement of the 27th Floor of Aincrad. The city has a night elf theme. Because of the lack of important facilities, the front line players spent only a short while in this town in the original Aincrad.


The town, which is carved out of a mountain, is located within a circular valley close to a ravine and looks as if it was carved out of rock, with an orange light that has the calming effect of a sole campfire on a frigid night shining over it. Multiple narrow alleys and stairs complicatedly criss-cross throughout the town, the alleys extending radially out of the circular central plaza in the center of the town. A mild pot roast fragrance can be felt within the town. The town also has stone floors, bridges and tunnels. Fitting the setting of a night elf city, there are no large buildings within it, with only a small workshop, a shop and an inn made out of cyan stone tightly connected together. Under the orange light, the city has a fantasy-like beauty and the liveliness of a night festival.[1]

In the New Aincrad, a Save Crystal is located in a dome-shaped building opposite of the city square.[2]


Mother's Rosario[]

On January 7, 2026, Yuuki brought Asuna to an inn in this city to meet the other members of the Sleeping Knights guild and to ask for her help in defeating the 27th Floor Boss. They all met again at the same inn at 13:00 the next day on January 8 to decide on a basic formation, before setting off towards the Labyrinth. After their first failed attempt at defeating the boss, the group respawned at the Save Crystal located within Ronbaru, but instead of resting at inn before their second attempt, Asuna gathered them all at the corner of the room they respawned in, telling them that they needed to hurriedly return to the boss room before a clearer guild reached it. She quickly told them her new strategy and they again set off for the Labyrinth. After defeating the boss on the second attempt, they returned to Ronbaru via a Teleport Gate on the 28th Floor's main town and went to the central marketplace of Ronbaru to buy food and drinks for the afterparty.




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2 Urbus, Urbus Teleport Gate Plaza, Marome Village, Taran Village
3 Forest of Wavering Mists, Zumfut, Zumfut Teleport Gate Plaza, Dessel
4 Rovia, Rovia Teleport Gate Plaza, Bear Forest, Yofel Castle, Usco Village, Caldera Lake
5 Karluin, Karluin Teleport Gate Plaza, Mananarena, Shiyaya
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8 Frieven Village, Frieven Teleport Gate Plaza
9 Dark Elf Queen's Castle[Navbar 10]
10 Thousand Snake Castle[Navbar 11]
11 Taft, Taft Teleport Gate
19 Ralberg, Ralberg Teleport Gate, Hill of the Cross, Griselda's Tomb
20 Sunshine Forest
22 Coral Village, Coral Teleport Gate Plaza, Forest House K4, Lake Outside Coral Village
24 Panareze, Panareze Teleport Gate Plaza
25 Giltstein, Giltstein Teleport Gate Plaza, Former location of the Knights of Blood Headquarters
27 Ronbaru Town, Ronbaru Teleport Gate
28 Wolf Plains
35 Forest of Wandering, Mishe, Mishe Teleport Gate Plaza
39 Nolfret, Nolfret Teleport Gate Plaza, Former location of the Knights of Blood Headquarters
40 Jaileum, Jaileum Teleport Gate Plaza
46 Ant Hill
47 Floria, Floria Gate Plaza, Hill of Memories, Forest of Giant Flowers
48 Lindarth, Lindarth Teleport Gate Plaza
49 Myujen, Myujen Teleport Gate Plaza
50 Algade, Algade Teleport Gate Plaza
55 Granzam, Granzam Teleport Gate Plaza, Knights of Blood Headquarters, West Mountain
56 Pani, Divine Dragon Alliance Headquarters
57 Marten, Marten Teleport Gate Plaza
59 Danac, Danac Teleport Gate Plaza
61 Selmburg, Selmburg Teleport Gate Plaza
65 Old Castle Labyrinth
66 Old Castle Labyrinth
72 Ozmalt, Ozmalt Teleport Gate Plaza, Agarla Village
74 Kamdet, Kamdet Teleport Gate Plaza
75 Collinia, Collinia Teleport Gate Plaza
100 Ruby Palace
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