Ruby Ichor (ルビー・イコール, Rubī Ikōru?) was a type of wine that could be dropped by certain monsters in Sword Art Online. After the drop rate for the wine was patched some time after February 23, 2024, it became practically impossible to obtain the wine from monsters. As such, a single glass of the wine since the patch could cost in the range of a million cor.[1]


Ruby Ichor was a red wine that has a mysterious spice aroma and a bittersweet taste.[2] Drinking the wine raised the player's maximum Agility value by one point.[2][1]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 2, The Black Swordsman, Part 2 Episode 04 N/A Kirito shared a bottle of Ruby Ichor with Silica in the Weathercock Pavilion on the day they met to celebrate forming a party together.


  • The taste of Ruby Ichor reminded Silica of the wine her father let her taste before she became trapped in Sword Art Online.


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