A Ruin Kobold Trooper (ルインコボルド・トルーパー, Ruin Koborudo Torūpā?) is a type of monster that is found in the 1st Floor Labyrinth in Sword Art Online.


Ruin Kobold Troopers are humanoid creatures with bulky bodies, large tails and rabbit-like ears. Unlike Ruin Kobold Sentinels, Troopers do not wear any armour and do not wear any clothes on their top, though they do wear a pair of pants.[1] The Troopers are armed with a barbaric hand axe.[2]


As Troopers are humanoid-type monsters, they are capable of using Sword Skills and wielding weapons. Troopers are similar to Sentinels, but are weaker and, unlike the Sentinels, the Ruin Kobold Troopers respawn at a set rate in the Labyrinth. It takes Asuna about three hits of «Linear» to defeat a Trooper.


Aincrad ArcEdit

Aria of a Starless NightEdit

On December 2, 2022, Asuna was fighting against these creatures when Kirito came across her by chance. The one depicted on the 18th level of the Labyrinth was «Level 6» and Asuna defeated it with four blows of «Linear», prompting Kirito to remark that it was overkill, as Asuna could have finished off the creature with a simple sword swing, instead of using a Sword Skill, using which causes the user to suffer mental fatigue due to the need for concentration to use the skill.


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