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The «SAO Incident Victims Rescue Force» (SAO事件被害者救出対策本部, SAO Jiken Higaisha Kyuushutsu Taisakuhonbu?) were a group of volunteers that banded together in the year when the Sword Art Online incident began in order to help move the 10,000 players trapped in the VRMMORPG: «Sword Art Online». These volunteers were located throughout Japan to transport the victims to local hospitals.

The responsibility for the SAO victims later got transferred to the Secondary Special Room, Advanced Network Division, Telecommunications Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (総務省総合通信基盤局高度通信網振興課第二別室, Sōmu-shō sōgō tsūshin kiban-kyoku kōdo tsūshinmō shinkō-ka dai ni besshitsu?)[1], also known as the Virtual Space Management Sector of the Communication Intranetwork's Management Division (通信ネットワーク内仮想空間管理課, Tsūshin nettowāku-nai kasō kūkan kanri-ka?) within the ministry, generally known as the VR Crimes Division (仮想課, Kasō-ka?, lit. Virtual Division)[2].

Known VolunteersEdit


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