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Satellite Scan Terminal (サテライト・スキャン端末, Sateraito Sukyan Tanmatsu?) is an item that is automatically given to all the finalists of the 3rd Bullet of Bullets and the participants of the Squad Jam tournaments in Gun Gale Online to allow the competitors to find each other more easily.


In the novel, the Satellite Scan Terminal was a smartphone-like device[1], while in the anime, the terminal was a white device that was close to the shape of a triangle, with one of the sides being considerably shorter than the other two.[2]. While in the novel the map was displayed on the screen of the terminal[3], in the anime the terminal produced a 3D hologram of the map[2]. The terminal has two main buttons, which allow the user to choose whether to display the map on screen, or in front of the user.[4] The scale of the map can be adjusted by the user pinching or spreading their fingers.[4] Once only ten seconds remain until the satellite scan is over, all the lights on the map begin to flicker.[3]

The Satellite Scan Terminal can be used for a certain amount of time every fifteen minutes during the Bullet of Bullet finals when a spy satellite passes over ISL Ragnarok[5] and every ten minutes during the 1st Squad Jam.[6]

During the scan in the Bullet of Bullets, all the players detected by the scan show up on the map: the ones still alive are displayed as vivid lights, while the dead players are displayed in dim lights.[3] A player may touch any flash on the map to find out the name of the player.[5]

During the scan in the Squad Jam, only the position of the team leader is indicated, with the team's name and the position of other members not being shown. Vivid white dots on the map indicate the position of a team leader, while dull grey dots indicate the last position of a team that was wiped out or surrendered.


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 6, Chapter 10 SII Episode 08 Sinon used the terminal during the 2nd scan to find another target. After noticing that Dyne and Pale Rider were the closest ones, aside from Lion King Richie, who would not move from his position for the remainder of the tournament, she decided to go after Dyne.
Volume 6, Chapter 10 SII Episode 09 Sinon attempted to use the terminal during the 3rd scan to find out the real character name of Death Gun, but could not see him on the map.
Volume 6, Chapter 12 SII Episode 09 Sinon and Kirito used the terminal during the 4th scan to look for Sterben and Juushi X in the Lost City, as one of them was Death Gun. As they found Juushi X, but could not find Sterben in the city, they assumed that Juushi X was Death Gun.
Volume 6, Chapter 14 SII Episode 12 Kirito used the terminal during the 7th scan to check on the current state of the tournament, while also showing himself on the map to lure Sterben.



  • The satellite scan is unable to detect players who are hiding in caves[3], under water[3], or using an item that grants invisibility[7].



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