Scavenge Toad (スカベンジトード, Sukabenji Tōdo?) is a frog-like monster found in the Hidden Dungeon beneath the Town of Beginnings in Sword Art Online.


Although it is found beneath the Black Iron Palace on the 1st Floor, its power level can be compared to monsters that are around level 60. The creature uses its tongue as a weapon and drops «Scavenge Toad Meat».[1][2]


The monster is a huge green slimy frog-like creature with two glowing red eyes on either side of its head. It has two short horns protruding from the top of its head and red markings on its back, head and front legs.


Aincrad ArcEdit

Morning Dew GirlEdit

While searching for Thinker with Asuna, Yui, and Yulier, Kirito fought several of these creatures and defeated them with ease. He gathered the Frog Meat that they dropped in the hope that Asuna would cook them for him only to be disappointed when she tossed all of them away in disgust.[1]

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