A «Scavenge Toad Meat» (スカベンジトードの肉, Sukabenji Tōdo no Niku?) is a consumable item dropped by a Scavenge Toad in Sword Art Online. The item is a dark red meat that can be used as an ingredient in cooking.


Aincrad ArcEdit

Morning Dew GirlEdit

After defeating a number of Scavenge Toads in the Hidden Dungeon, Kirito acquired twenty-five pieces of Scavenge Toad Meat. Thinking that the meat would taste as good as its appearance was weird, he showed a piece of the meat to Asuna and asked her to cook it. However, disgusted by the meat, Asuna navigated the menu of their shared inventory until she found the meat and moved the meat onto the trash icon in the inventory to dispose of it.


  • In the anime, after Asuna disposed of the first piece of the meat, Kirito materialised the remaining pieces, which Asuna then started literally throwing away, rather than disposing of them via the inventory. The fiasco ended with Asuna stuffing one of the legs into Kirito's mouth.


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