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A «Scuttle Crab» (スカットル・クラブ, Sukattoru Kurabu?) is one of the tougher monsters found in a sunken dungeon on the 4th Floor of Aincrad in Sword Art Online.


According to Kirito, a Scuttle Crab is a crab with a width of four meters from claw to claw. It has a huge bulk, disgusting little wriggling legs in its jaw, and an unpleasant dark green shell.[1]

Attack PatternsEdit

Aside from having a claw attack, the Scuttle Crab also has a bubble breath attack, which is executed after the crab rears its giant bulk backwards and opens its jaws wide. The bubble attack blinds the players until they jump into the water to wash it away.[1]


Aincrad ArcEdit

Barcarolle of FrothEdit

Kirito and Asuna encountered a Scuttle Crab while investigating a sunken dungeon in search of a gondola that they had been tracking. After avoiding a claw attack, Asuna used the «Streak» Sword Skill to slash at the crab’s mouth just before the crab could attack with its bubble breath. With the crab’s attack broken, Kirito rammed the crab’s fleshy abdomen with the Tilnel’s Fire Beat Ram. The heat from the ram caused the depletion of the remainder of the crab’s Hit Points.


  • The Scuttle Crab’s weak point is its mouth.[1]


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