Not to be confused with the Searching skill in Sword Art Online.

Searcher (サーチャー, Sāchā?) is a penetration spell in ALfheim Online used to detect hiding players and monsters.


After the caster completes the incantation, a set number of familiars are summoned.[1] Depending on the caster's choice, the familiars can either spread out in an expanding circle, moving randomly once summoned,[2] or be sent in a more specific direction, though they continue to move radially after being dispatched.[3] If the familiars come into contact with a hiding player or monster, those targets will be revealed.[2][3]


Undine version:
Ek kalla fimm fiskr, brjóta ljúga galdr.[4]

Undine version:

Undine version:
Ekku karra fimu fisukuru,[5] buryota ryuga garudo.[6]

Undine version:
I call five fish, to break the illusion of sorcery.[7]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 3, Chapter 2 N/A N/A A group of Salamander players pursuing Leafa decided to use the Searcher spell, knowing that Sylphs specialised in stealth.
Volume 7, Chapter 5 SII Episode 20 Mother's Rosario Manga Stage.005 Asuna summoned searchers after sensing that something was wrong with the area near the 27th Floor's boss room. The searchers detected two Imp players and one Sylph player hiding in the area.


  • The familiar used for the spell is not constant. The Salamander players summoned lizards,[2] while Asuna summoned fish, as their familiars.[3]


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