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«Serene Garden» (セリーン・ガーデン, Serīn Gāden?), abbreviated as SereGa (セリガ, Seriga?)[1], is a virtual reality (VR) world, meant for palliative care of the terminally ill, that was published in September 2023.[2] Users can only register an account for Serene Garden if they are admitted to a hospital.[1] Serene Garden has approximately a thousand concurrent users.[3]


The eastern part of the world map is a green hill sector called «Teal Hills» (ティール・ヒルズ, Tīru Hiruzu?).[2] The northern part of the map consists of snow fields, the western part is a towering mountain area, while the southern part of the map is dedicated to deep forests.[2] The central region is assigned to the capital[2], named «Serenity» (セレニティ, Sereniti?)[1], the streets of which are reminiscent of Europe.[2] Aside from the capital, each region in the four cardinal points of the world have their respective village or town, with a teleport gate leading to the capital.[3]. The eastern village is called «Roite» (ロイテ, Roite?).[3]

Serene Garden does not have a detailed map function.[3]



Unlike the majority of titles released for the AmuSphere the year of its release, Serene Garden has absolutely no combat aspect but allows users to experience a multitude of landscapes with minute differences.[2]


Aside from sightseeing, another major element in Serene Garden is housing. Each user is given a plot of land of a fixed size in the world’s capital, where they can build a house to their liking. Although customisation of the exterior is limited, users may purchase furniture or interior design with «curren».[1]

Insect RaisingEdit

Another activity within Serene Garden is insect raising. Firstly, a user must catch an insect either with a net or with bare hands. Once an insect is considered caught by the system, it immediately stops escaping. A caught insect must be put into a cage to be stored in an inventory where its life points will be maintained. If a caught insect is only held in the users hands, it will gradually become weaker, though it will recover if put into a cage and given food and water. The caught insect can then be named and participate in the «Bug Battle» (ムシバトル, Mushi Batoru?) tournament.[1] However, once the owner of the insect is decided, they cannot be transferred to other users.[4]


Avatars in Serene Garden are created based on a picture of the user's real self, thus the avatars greatly resemble the appearance of their real selves, but the users are free to customise their hairstyle and colour.[1] Gender changes are not allowed in Serene Garden[1].


«Curren» (カレン, Karen?) are special points within Serene Garden that are used for purchasing items in the virtual world. They cannot be transfered between users, but they can be earned via certain actions, including harvesting herbs and minerals, or catching insects, and selling them to shops, creating items from materials, and raising a caught insect to participate in the «Bug Battle» tournament.[1]


The inventory space given to Serene Garden users is relatively small, meaning that users wanting to harvest items have to avoid bringing unnecessary items, thus users usually specialise in what items they would gather.[1]


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