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«Sewing» (裁縫, Saihou?) is a skill in «Sword Art Online» that allows players to craft[1] and customise[1] pieces of clothing.


To make use of the Sewing skill to craft a piece of clothing, the player needs to tap on a pair of scissors and choose an item to create from a given list. Then, a chosen piece of cloth needs to be cut with the scissors, after which the pieces of cloth begin to glow and change shape. The hems of the two cloths then need to be sewed together with a needle, an action analogous to the striking of an ingot with a smithing hammer. Once the sewing is complete, the flat cloth begins to glow again, and automatically takes the form of the chosen piece of clothing.[1]

A crafted item may later be further customised by repeating the three aforementioned steps of manipulating the settings window to select the desired change, cutting, and then sewing on a different piece of cloth or scrap, resulting in the clothing item glowing again and the change being applied to it.[1]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
N/A N/A Progressive Manga Chapter 8 Asuna crafted a pair of Fingerless Gloves to raise her Sewing skill level.
Progressive Volume 3, Barcarolle of Froth, Part 7 N/A Asuna used the Sewing skill to craft a white one-piece swimsuit for herself, black surf shorts with an orange bear-shaped patch for Kirito, and later, a purple bikini for Kizmel.



  • Ashley was the first player in Sword Art Online to complete the Sewing skill.[2]



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