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The Skills window screen in Sword Art Online.

«Skills» (スキル, Sukiru?) are abilities that a player can use in a game.

In Sword Art Online[]


In Sword Art Online, skills can be leveled up to increase the effects of the skills, as well as unlock mods and new abilities. Skill levels are independent of player levels. A skill's level is increased via usage of the skill.

Skill Slots[]

In general, skills must be equipped in a limited amount of skill slots. Players are given two initial slots, with a third slot granted at level six, a fourth one granted at level twelve, a fifth on level twenty, and an additional slot every ten levels afterwards.[1] Skills may be trained up to level 1,000, at which it is considered «Completed» (完全習得(コンプリート), Konpurīto?). If a skill is removed from its slot, its proficiency is reset to zero, unless a special item is used to store the skill.[2] It is rumored that there is an almost unlimited number of skills in Sword Art Online.[3]


There are various types of skills in Sword Art Online, including Support Skills, Combat Skills, Weapon Skills. Certain rare skills are also known as Extra Skills or Unique Skills depending on their rarity. Weapon Skills also unlock the use of special, system-assisted weapon techniques known as Sword Skills. Players have also dubbed some of their techniques as Outside System Skills, though they are not actual skills system-wise.


Certain skills in Sword Art Online also have Mods (モッド, Moddo?). Mods can either be special bonuses that increase the effectiveness of the skill (e.g. decreasing Sword Skill cooldown time, increasing the range of the player's detection etc.), or various abilities (e.g. the Tracking mod for the Searching skill). Certain skills, such as the One-Handed Sword skill, are confirmed to offer a new mod slot every fifty levels of proficiency.[4]


Composition (コンポジション, Konpojishon?) or composite effect (コンポジット効果, Konpojitto Kouka?) refers to the combined effect produced with multiple skills. A composite effect is unlocked when two or more compatible skills reach a certain level. For combat skills, a composite effect may result in unlocking a new Sword Skill that makes use of two weapon types. Certain crafting and life skills may also have composite effects. The various compositions available in the game are not listed by the system, thus players have to discover them themselves.[5]

Known Compositions[]

Skills Levels Composite Effect References
One-Handed Sword
Martial Arts
Unlocks the Meteor Break Sword Skill. [5]
One-Handed Sword[citation needed]
Martial Arts
Unlocks the Meteor Fall Sword Skill. [6]
Polearm Weapon Creation
One-Handed Weapon Creation
Allows the creations of halberds. [5]
Allows the creation of food mixed with medicine or poison. [5]
Allows crafting beds and sofas. [5]
Polearm Weapon Creation
Allows crafting ballistas [5]
Unlocks the «Commodity Tracking» Mod. [7]

Weapon Skills[]

In Sword Art Online, there are several different classes of Weapon Skills, each of which unlocks the use of Sword Skills in that category. There are generic weapon skills such as «One-Handed Sword» and «One-Handed Curved Sword». Then, there are additional weapon skills that can be unlocked after fulfilling a certain set of conditions. For example, in the sword category, the «One-Handed Sword» skill must be trained quite a bit before «Rapier» and «Two-Handed Sword» appears on the weapon skills list.[8]

Weapon skills that do not have clear conditions for appearing are called Extra Skills. There are roughly around ten known Extra Skills, including the «Katana» skill wielded by Klein. Each of these extra skills have at least ten users of the skill.[8]

There are ten Unique Skills, which are weapon skills unique to a single player. So far only six of them have been revealed and only two of them are known to be acquired by a player. Additional Unique Skills were intended to be released beginning with the 90th Floor of Aincrad.[9]

List of Known Skills in Sword Art Online[]

Support Skills[]

English Name Japanese Name Known Mods Ref
Acrobatics 軽業
Blunt Weapon Forging 打撃武器作製
(Dageki Buki Sakusei)
Carpentry 木工
Chant[† 1]
(Extra Skill)
Equipment Appraisal 装備鑑定
(Soubi Kantei)
Extended Weight Limit 限界重量拡張
(Genkai Jūryou Kakuchou)
Familiar Recovery 使い魔回復
(Tsukaima Kaifuku)
Familiar Communication 使い魔交信
(Tsukaima Koushin)
Hiding 隠蔽(ハイディング)
Heavy Metal Armor Forging 重金属鎧作製
(Jūkinzoku Yoroi Sakusei)
Light Metal Armor Forging 軽金属鎧作製
(Keikinzoku Yoroi Sakusei)
Lumber 伐採(ランバー)
Metal Armor Repairing 金属装備修理
(Kinzoku Soubi Shūri)
Metal Refining 金属精錬
(Kinzoku Seiren)
Mixing 調合
Musical Instrument 楽器
One-Handed Weapon Creation 片手武器作成
(Katate Buki Sakusei)
Picking 鍵開け(ピッキング)
Polearm Weapon Creation 長柄武器作成
(Nagae Buki Sakusei)
Purchase Negotiation 買取交渉
(Kaitori Koushou)
Robbing[† 2] 強奪(ロビング)
Sales Negotiation 売却交渉
(Baikyaku Koushou)
Searching 索敵(サーチング)
1) Simultaneously Detected Enemies Bonus[4]
2) Detection[20]
3) Detection Range Bonus[4]
4) Revealing Bonus[† 3]
Sewing 裁縫
Slash Weapon Forging 斬撃武器作製
(Zangeki Buki Sakusei)
Sneaking[† 4] 忍び足(スニーキング)
Straining[† 5] 聞き耳(ストレイニング)
Sprint 疾走
Swimming 水泳
Thrust Weapon Forging 刺突武器作製
(Shitotsu Buki Sakusei)
Tools Appraisal 道具鑑定
(Dougu Kantei)
Trap Dismantling 罠解除
(Wana Kaijo)

Combat Skills[]

English Name Japanese Name Known Mods Ref
Armor Pierce 鎧通し(アーマーピアース)
(Āmā Piāsu)
Battle Healing 戦闘時回復(バトルヒーリング)
(Batoru Hīringu)
Fighting Spirit 気合
First Aid 応急回復
Heavy Metal Armor 重金属装備
(Jūkinzoku Soubi)
Howl 威嚇(ハウル)
Leather Armor 革装備
(Kawa Soubi)
Light Metal Armor 軽金属装備
(Keikinzoku Soubi)
Shield 盾装備
(Tate Soubi)
(Extra Skill)
Awakening (覚醒(かくせい))[30] [21]
Parry 武器防御
(Buki Bougyo)
Spiritual Light 霊光

Weapon Skills[]

English Name Japanese Name Known Mods Ref
(Unique Skill)
Blade Throwing 投剣
Distraction (意識攪乱(ディストラクション))[31] [10]
Darkness Blade
(Unique Skill)
(Ankoku Ken)
Dual Blades
(Unique Skill)
Holy Sword
(Unique Skill)
Infinite Spear
(Unique Skill)
(Mugen Yari)
(Extra Skill)
Mace メイス
Martial Arts
(Extra Skill)
Relax Equipment Conditions (装備条件緩和(かんわ))[30] [21]
One-Handed Axe 片手用斧(ワンハンドアクス)
(Wan Hando Akusu)
One-Handed Curved Blade 片手用曲刀
(Katate-you Kyokutou)
One-Handed Dagger 片手用短剣
(Katate-you Tanken)
One-Handed Lance 片手用突撃槍
(Katate-you Totsugeki Yari)
One-Handed Rapier 片手用細剣
(Katate-you Bosoken)
One-Handed Spear 片手用槍
(Katate-you Yari)
One-Handed Sword 片手用直剣(ワンハンドソード)
(Wan Hando Sōdo)
1) Shorten Sword Skill Cooldown Time I (ソードスキル冷却(クール)タイム短縮Ⅰ)[30]
2) Increase Critical Hit Chance Ⅰ (クリティカル率上昇(じょうしょう)Ⅰ)[30]
3) Increase Critical Hit Chance Ⅱ (クリティカル率上昇(じょうしょう)Ⅱ)[30]
4) Increase Critical Hit Chance Ⅲ (クリティカル率上昇(じょうしょう)Ⅲ)[30]
5) Quick Change (クイック・チェンジ)[4]
One-Handed War Hammer 片手用戦槌
(Katate-you Sentsui)
(Unique Skill)
Two-Handed Battle Axe 片手用戦斧(ツーハンド・バトルアクス)
(Tsū Hando Batoru Akusu)
Two-Handed Lance 両手用突撃槍
(Ryoute-you Totsugeki Yari)
Two-Handed Spear 両手用槍
(Ryoute-you Yari)
Two-Handed Straight Sword 両手用直剣
(Ryoute-you Chokuken)
Wild Dance 乱舞

Other Skills[]

English Name Japanese Name Known Mods Ref
Cooking 料理
Fishing 釣り

In Gun Gale Online[]

List of Known Skills in Gun Gale Online[]

English Name Japanese Name Ref
Acrobatics 軽業(アクロバット)
Army Combative 軍隊格闘術(アーミー・コンバティブ)
(Āmī Kombatibu)
First Aid 応急手当(ファーストエイド)
(Fāsuto Eido)
Hawk Eye[† 6] 視力強化(ホークアイ)
(Hōku Ai)
Knife Creation ナイフ作製
(Naifu Sakusei)
Suggestion 弾道予測拡張(サジェスチョン)
Weapon Creation 銃剣作製
(Jūken Sakusei)


  1. Mistranslated as "Recitation" by Yen Press.
  2. Only confirmed for monsters thus far.
  3. Translated as "Spotting Bonus" by Yen Press.
  4. A skill for nonmetal armour
  5. Mistranslated as "Eavesdropping" by Yen Press.
  6. Reduces the distance effect (allows zooming the player's vision)[41] and increases the visual identification rate.[39]


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