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The «Sleeping Knights» (スリーピング・ナイツ, Surīpingu Naitsu?) was a small guild, formed by users of Serene Garden who wished to explore other virtual reality worlds. The last game that they arrived to was New ALfheim Online, where they decided to defeat a Floor Boss and have their names engraved on the «Monument of Swordsmen».


The guild was formed on May 23, 2024 by three founding members: the first leader Ran (Konno Aiko), her sister Yuuki (Konno Yuuki), and their friend Merida, after the Konno twins met Merida in Serene Garden and began playing Asuka Empire. All three of them were suffering from severe illnesses and wanted to make more friends, but did not want to burden other people when the condition of their health would be discovered. Thus, the three girls decided to invite new members from Serene Garden, where everyone would be in the same position.[2]

Together, they began traveling through various different virtual worlds and, in time, the guild grew to nine members. However, by the start of Mother's Rosario, three members: Ran, Clovis and Merida, passed away, while two more members were declared to have three months to live at best.[3] Thus, the members of the Sleeping Knights decided to find the most joyful, most beautiful and most exciting virtual world and work together to accomplish something grand in the world to permanently leave their mark on it before disbanding[4] once another member disappeared.

Eventually, they came across ALfheim Online and decided to leave their mark on this world by defeating a Floor Boss with just one party to leave all of their names on the Monument of Swordsmen.[4]

Known Members[]

Image Name Rank Notes
Ran SereGa.png Ran 1st Leader Founding member. Passed away before the guild came to ALfheim Online.
Yuuki.png Yuuki 2nd Leader, Damage Dealer Founding member. Passed away on March 29, 2026.
Merida Serene Garden.png Merida Unknown Founding member. Passed away before the guild came to ALfheim Online.
Siune.png Siune 3rd Leader[5], Support Supported Yuuki as the guild's sub-leader, before assuming the role of guild leader following Yuuki's death.
Jun.png Jun Tank
Tecchi.png Tecchi Tank
Talken.png Talken Damage Dealer
Nori.png Nori Damage Dealer
Clovis Unknown Passed away before the guild came to ALfheim Online.


  • Defeated the bosses of the 27th and 29th Floors of New Aincrad with Asuna's help.
  • Defeated the 28th Floor's boss, along with Kirito and his friends in New Aincrad.