Smokescreen refers to a long-range, fascination, illusion-element spell in ALfheim Online.


Once the spell is cast, jet-black streams of smoke erupt from the caster’s hand, quickly covering a large area around the caster in smoke and greatly obscuring the vision within the area. The spell does not deal any damage to anyone caught with the area of effect, but due to its vision obstruction properties, the spell serves as a distraction for quick escapes or for buying the caster some time to prepare for an attack.[1]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 3, Chapter 4 Episode 20 Fairy Dance Manga Stage.007 Kirito used this spell to distract Eugene while he grabbed Leafa's sword.
Volume 4, Chapter 5 N/A N/A The scout leader of an Undine party cast this spell to allow his party to retreat from their battle against Tonky after the monster completed its transformation.



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