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«Sonic Leap» (ソニック・リープ, Sonikku Rīpu?) is a 1-hit, One-Handed Sword category Sword Skill in Sword Art Online, New ALfheim Online and Project Alicization.

Description[edit | edit source]

«Sonic Leap» is a charge-type Sword Skill that consists of a single top to bottom vertical slash, similar to the 1-hit skill «Vertical»; however, «Sonic Leap» allows the user to charge from over twice the distance in an instant.[1] The skill is also similar to «Rage Spike», except that this skill's range is shorter and its trajectory can be aimed at the sky.[2]

The skill is activated by raising the sword high up,[3] usually atop one's shoulder.[2]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Progressive Volume 1, Aria of a Starless Night, Part 14 Episode 02 N/A Kirito used «Sonic Leap» against Illfang the Kobold Lord in mid-jump to prevent it from using «Tsumujiguruma» on the players below.
Progressive Volume 1, Rondo of a Fragile Blade, Part 12 N/A N/A Kirito used the skill to reach the weak point of Baran the General Taurus, causing the boss to stagger momentarily.
Progressive Volume 1, Rondo of a Fragile Blade, Part 12 N/A N/A Kirito again used the skill to hit the forehead of Asterius the Taurus King as its hit points was about to run out, dealing the finishing blow to the boss.
Progressive Volume 2, Concerto of Black and White, Part 7 N/A N/A Morte used the skill in the beginning of his duel with Kirito but the attack was blocked.
Progressive Volume 3, Barcarolle of Froth, Part 3 Kirito used the skill to hit the Magnatherium's tail while it was occupied with using its fire breath attack.
Volume 1, Chapter 7 Episode 08 Aincrad Manga Stage.004 Kirito used this skill in his duel against Kuradeel to break the latter's sword by aiming the skill at the sword's weak point.
Volume 9, Chapter 1, Part 4 Alicization Episode 04 Kirito used the skill to sever Ugachi's head.
Volume 9, Chapter 1, Part 4 N/A After another goblin issued a challenge, Kirito used the same skill to dispose of the arrogant goblin, before it was even able to finish its speech.
Volume 10, Chapter 4, Part 1 N/A Kirito used this skill to charge at his mentor Sortiliena Serlut during their spar after she used «Still Water» to gain some distance. However, Sortiliena had been expecting such a move from Kirito and had been waiting for her whip dangling on the ceiling to fall down while their swords were clashing. Before Kirito was able to land a hit, he was hit by the whip and was sent flying backwards.
Volume 12, Chapter 8, Part 2 Alicization Episode 15 Kirito used this skill to charge at Fanatio Synthesis Two before she was able to finish chanting the «Armament Full Control Art». However, as Kirito reached the peak of his jump, Fanatio finished chanting and struck the black swordsman with a powerful ray of light from the Heaven Piercing Sword, shaking the trajectory of Kirito's skill.
Volume 13, Chapter 10 Alicization Episode 18 Eugeo attempted to use this skill against Bercouli Synthesis One, but he had to decrease the power of his skill after noticing Bercouli's sword's special ability and was still hit hard by the heat haze, though he managed to survive due to weakening his charge.
Volume 14, Chapter 12, Part 1 Alicization Episode 20-21 Kirito and Eugeo activated this skill against each other at the exact same time with utterly symmetrical trajectories. The skills balanced out for a moment and ended at the same time.
Volume 19, Chapter 9 Show/Hide spoiler

Ronye activated this skill to sever Lizetta's kidnapper's arm as they attempted to escape with the baby.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Episode 08, «Sonic Leap» was portrayed as an upwards slanted slash, which is inconsistent with the skill's pre-motion and the skill's description.
  • The colour of the skill's effect varies from description to description: it was described as green,[4] yellowish-green,[2][1][5] pale-green,[6] and blue[3] in different instances.
  • Although the skill is supposed to consist of a downward, vertical slash, it can be used to sever a goblin's head, most likely meaning that the trajectory of the skill can be slanted as well.

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