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«Star Splash» (スター・スプラッシュ, Sutā Supurasshu?) is a high-level 8-hit Combo Rapier category Sword Skill in Sword Art Online and New ALfheim Online.


«Star Splash» begins with three short thrusts at the target's chest, provoking the target to raise its guard up. Although the first three thrusts do not deal much damage, the number of hits and their speed is overwhelming. Afterwards, the three thrusts are followed by two slashes at the target's now undefended legs. The user then performs two strong jabs high and low, followed by a final strong stab at the target's chest.[1]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 1, Chapter 9 Episode 08 Aincrad Manga Stage.004 Asuna used this skill on a Demonic Servant, after it finished its «Vertical Square» and became delayed due to the Sword Skill's post-motion effect. Although the skill did not kill the monster, the last hit forced it to block, creating an opening for Kirito to «Switch» in.
Volume 6, Chapter 14 SII Episode 12-13 Sterben used this Sword Skill, without the aid of the system assistance, against Kirito, after revealing his estoc to him.
N/A SII Episode 18 Asuna used this skill against the Floor Boss of the 21st Floor of New Aincrad.


  • This Sword Skill is portrayed as having blue and red light effects in the anime, though in the novel it is stated that the light effects are supposed to be white.
  • Although Sword Skills are not available in Gun Gale Online, it is still possible to imitate the skill, though without the help of the system's assistance. This is why Sterben "uses" this skill in the game, even though the game does not have a Sword Skill system.
  • After witnessing Sterben perform this skill in Gun Gale Online, though without the system assistance, Asuna mentions that the skill does not involve hacking or slashing, but when she used the skill herself against the Demonic Servant, two of the eight hits involved slashing at the monster's legs.



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