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The Status bar of a player affected by a paralysis debuff in SAO.

A Status Effect is a temporary modification to a game character's original set of stats that usually comes into play when special powers, items and/or abilities are used, often during combat. Some of such modifications have a positive effect on the character, but most of the time they are negative. Positive status effects are usually referred to as buffs, while negative effects are referred to as debuffs (阻害効果(デバフ), Debafu?, lit. "obstruction effects"), which range to about 10-20 types.[1] Many attacks have a random chance of dealing negative status effects on opponent which are generally not curable, unless the appropriate crystals or potions are used. Most, but not all of them expire after a set period of time.

List of Known Status Effects[]

Sword Art Online[]

English name Japanese name Icon Description References
(Body Part Loss)
(Bui Kesson)
A debuff caused by a player's body part being severed. The duration of the debuff is three minutes, at which point the limb will reappear. [2][3][4]
ATK Increase ATK上昇
(ATK Joushou)
Bind バインド
A debuff that can be afflicted by the Golden Cube from the Curse of Stachion questline. Completely freezes all joints of the target's avatar, rendering them utterly helpless. [6]
Bleeding 出血
Blessing of the Sound of the Wind 風音の護り
(Kazaoto no Mamori)
Protection of the Sound of Wind Icon.png[† 1] Gives a bonus to defense, poison resistance, and stun resistance. One of the buffs that can be given to players through the Chant Extra Skill. [8]
Blindness 盲目
Chillness チルネス
Lowers the affected player's body temperature to uncomfortable levels for five minutes. The debuff can be undone earlier by warming up the affected player's body with enough heat.[† 2] At the instant the debuff is removed, the player suddenly feels a sensation of pleasant warmness permeating their body. [4]
DEF Increase DEF上昇
(DEF Joushou)
DEF Decrease DEF減少 / 防御力低下
(DEF Genshou / Bougyoryoku Teika)
Delay 行動遅延(ディレイ)
(Koudou Chien(Direi))
A debuff that slows down the movement of affected players. Highly likely to occur if a player is being continuously hit by powerful attacks. [1]
Dizziness 眩暈
Fear 恐慌(フィアー)
Knockback Effect Increase ノックバック結果上昇
(Nokkubakku Kekka Joushou)
Luck Bonus 幸運判定ボーナス
(Kouun Hantei Bōnasu)
Increases luck, resistance to poison and paralysis attacks, the probability of fumble and tumble, and, potentially, the drop rate of rare items.

The buff can only be obtained by making an expensive offering at a church, equipping an accessory with such a bonus, or consuming a special food item.

Meditation 瞑想
A buff obtained by using the Meditation Extra Skill. Increases hit point (HP) recovery rate, decreases debuff duration, and nullifies level-two paralysis poison. [13][14]
Paralysis 麻痺(パラライズ)
Players affected by this debuff are rendered immobile for a long period of time, retaining only the ability to slowly move their dominant hand, and barely speak through their lips. The minimum duration of the effect is ten minutes, though the duration of the effect may be longer, depending on the strength of the attack or level of paralysis poison that triggered this status. [1][15]
Poison Damage ダメージ毒
(Damēji Doku)
Causes damage to the player. There are five different levels of poison: Level one (Weak Poison), Level 2 (Light Poison), Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5 (Lethal Poison). [16]
Reduced Balance
(Sense of Balance Down)
(Heikou Kankaku Daun)
Reduced Hearing
(Hearing Down)
(Choukaku Daun)
Reduced Vision
(Vision Clarity Down)
(Shikaku Meido Daun)
Relic Finding Bonus 遺物発見ボーナス
(Ibutsu Hakken Bōnasu)
Adds a glow effect to relics on the 5th Floor, making it easier for players to find them on the ground and walls. The effect lasts for an hour and only works inside and below the town of Karluin on the 5th Floor. [17]
Silencing 沈黙
Renders players unable to speak and prevents voice commands that are necessary to activate crystals. [18]
Stomachache 腹痛
Stun 行動不能(スタン)
(Koudou Funou(Sutan))
The most common debuff. It immobilises the player for up to ten seconds, disrupting the player's next action. Can be randomly triggered by Sword Skills.[citation needed] Blurry yellow circles appear over the heads of affected players.

Stun has a probability of triggering a secondary debuff, called Fumble (武器落下(ファンブル), Fanburu?), which causes the player's weapon to fall out of their hand.[1]

Tumble 転倒(タンブル)
A status unique to humanoid monsters that causes the monster to fall down and be temporarily unable to recover its standing. [20]
Water-Walking N/A A status effect obtained by using «Droplets of Villi» on the player or non-player character's shoe soles. Allows the user to walk on water for a limited time. Running on water breaks this effect. [21]
Weakness 衰弱
Greatly reduces the target's Strength and Agility stats. Can result in players becoming encumbered by their gear. Players may be afflicted with this debuff by certain monsters, such as snake priests on the 10th Floor. Elves are afflicted by this debuff while navigating through land without trees or water. [21]

ALfheim Online[]

A player's status bar with a number of status effects in action in ALO.

  • Anti-Freeze[22]
  • Water Breathing - Allows players to breathe underwater.[23]
  • Strength buff - A buff granted by an unnamed buff spell that increases the player's strength.[24]
  • Maximum HP value buff[25]

Gun Gale Online[]

The Status bar of a player, affected by a debuff, in GGO.

  • Stun - players would be immobilised until the effect is over. In Gun Gale Online, this could be caused by being hit with a Stun Bullet.


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  1. Described as a green musical note in the author's original text.
  2. Lanterns and torches do not produce enough heat to undo the debuff. The standard method to undo the chillness debuff is for the affected player to sit by a fire. An alternative method is for the affected player be covered under a blanket alongside another player.