Strength Buff Magic refers to an unknown-element spell in ALfheim Online.



Strength Buff Icon

After the incantation is completed, the targeted players are surrounded by a small orange ring, consisting of multiple small strength icons, which shortly afterwards rises along the player and disappears, while the players are granted a temporary strength buff. Additionally, those affected have an icon, which depicts weights in an orange background, added to their list of status effects displayed next to their hit point (HP) bar and have their avatars covered in a green aura.[1]


Þeír[2][† 1] fylla[2] skína[2] hugr[2], hogg[2] margr[2] illt.[2]


Seā firra sukīna haguru, hoggu māguru iruto.[4]

Fill them with shining courage to defeat the many evils.[5]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
N/A Extra Edition N/A Leafa used this spell to buff her party in their fight against an Armachthys.
N/A SII Episode 16 N/A Asuna used this spell to buff her party before they ventured into Thrym's room.



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