Sword Art Online II Original Soundtrack Vol.1 is the Bonus CD soundtrack that comes with the Limited Edition Blu-ray and DVD versions of Sword Art Online II Volume 3 composed by Kajiura Yuki. Most of these tracks are mainly used in the Phantom Bullet Arc of Sword Art Online II anime.


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No. Songs Duration Audio
01 gunland 01:59
02 this psychedelic world 01:54
This psychedelic world
03 Death Gun 02:36
Death Gun
04 think tenderly of you 02:03
Think tenderly of you
05 daily life, you and me 01:48
Daily life, you and me
06 something is strange 01:58
Something is strange
07 creeping up 01:55
Creeping up
08 unnaturally tense 02:24
Unnaturally tense
09 inside information 01:51
Inside information
10 concerning operation 01:49
Concerning operation
11 a pressing danger 01:38
A pressing danger
12 shooting it out 02:29
Shooting it out
13 where's my enemy? 01:49
Where's my enemy
14 they start fighting 01:33
They start fighting
15 continuing suspense 01:38
Continuing suspense
16 she has to overcome her fear 02:20
She has to overcome her fear
17 good bye, again and again 02:29
Good bye, again and again
18 no-escape 01:41
19 her actual world 01:28
Her actual world
20 her cruel past 02:04
Her cruel past
21 looking back on those days 01:40
Looking back on those days
22 her tragic memory 01:52
Her tragic memory
23 crooked mind 02:20
Crooked mind
24 a brisk conversation 01:31
A brisk conversation
25 he, or she? 01:44
He, or she
26 shoot 'em up! 01:52
Shoot em up
27 quickly and without fail 01:56
Quickly and without fail
28 drive your way 01:27
Drive your way
29 Bullet of Bullets 02:19
Bullet of Bullets
30 another state of emergency 01:48
Another state of emergency
31 I'm always thinking of you 01:50
I'm always thinking of you
32 so I met her 01:50
So I met her
33 a bleak and desolate land 01:52
A bleak and desolate land
34 she's a knockout! 01:56
She's a knockout!
35 fighting hard and close 02:08
Fighting hard and close
36 you are the winner! 01:51
You are the winner!
37 peace, again 01:54
Peace, again



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