Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack Vol.2[1] is the Bonus CD Soundtrack that comes with the Limited Edition Blu-ray and DVD versions of Sword Art Online Volume 7 composed by Kajiura Yuki. These songs are mainly used in Fairy Dance Arc of Sword Art Online anime.

In the disc's original release, there are some errors in Track 6-26. Those who purchased them could ask for an exchange according to instructions printed on this page before Mar 2016.[2] Original discs are labeled as LLDS-3752 1 while those corrected discs are labeled as LLDS-3752-1 2 on those CD.


No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Swordland -To Be Continued 00:33
01 swordland to be continued
02 Friendly Feelings 01:47
Friendly feelings
03 Sorrowfully 01:24
At Our Parting
04 Critical Phase 01:55
Critical phase
05 Victory 01:29
06 A New World Of Fairies 02:12
A new world of fairies
07 Fly Higher And Faster 01:42
Fly higher and faster
08 In Time Of Peace 01:41
In time of peace
09 Fly, If You Can 02:04
Fly if you can
10 Fight With A Devil 02:19
Fight with a devil
11 She Is Still Sleeping 01:44
She is still sleeping
12 Past Sadness 02:00
Past sadness
13 Is This Love? 02:26
Is this love
14 Town In The Morning 01:35
Town in the morning
15 Climbing Up The World Tree 02:11
Climbing up the world tree
16 I Wonder 01:41
I wonder
17 Yui 01:55
18 Is This Love? -Piano Only 01:57
Is this love- piano only
19 Oberon 02:04
20 In The Cage 01:57
In the cage
21 Got To Win 02:09
Got to win
22 Aerial Fight 02:34
Aerial fight
23 False King 02:09
False king
24 Last Flight 02:06
Last flight
25 Reconciliation 02:15
26 Dance With Me 01:47
Dance with me
27 Aincrad 01:34



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