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Tentative timeline of the events/Books in SAO

The Sword Art Online Timeline lists the known time and date of all the events that have occurred in the Sword Art Online series in chronological order. 10 years need to be added to the events whose date and time can only be sourced from the web version of SAO to maintain consistency.




June 22nd



April 8th

April 20th


July 29th


November 13th


May 18th

September 30th



October 7th

After October 7th

  • Kazuto is adopted by the Kirigaya family after his birth and his parents' apparent death.[7]



April 19th


August 21st



May 23rd


October 4th


End of the year

  • Shino's family encountered a traffic accident, due to which her father passed away.[11]


  • Kirigaya Kazuto gives up on Kendo.[12]


  • Kazuto planted Salvia on a countryside land.[13]
  • Kazuto finds out about his parents' deaths from the deleted entry record he found on the Internet.[14]




  • The NerveGear is announced.[16]
  • Japanese Self-Defense Force (JSDF) and U.S. Army start developing training software utilizing the NerveGear together.[16]




August 31st

  • The Sword Art Online Closed Beta is closed.[19]


October 31st


November 2nd

  • People start queuing up at stores for the release of Sword Art Online.[22]

November 5th

  • Sword Art Online sales in stores begin.[23]

November 6th

  • 13:00 JST: Start of the Sword Art Online Official Service.[17]
  • Kirito shows Klein the basics of the game.[17]
  • After 17:30 - 18:00 Aincrad Standard Time - Kayaba Akihiko successfully traps nearly 10,000 Players in the game. Of this 10,000, between 700-800 are beta testers. 213 people died because their family or friends attempted to remove the NerveGear from their head.[17][24][25]
  • Kirito parts ways with Klein and heads to Horunka village.[18][24]
  • 18:15 Aincrad Standard Time: Beginning of "The First Day"[18]
  • 19:00 Aincrad Standard Time: Kirito goes off to complete the «Secret Medicine of the Forest» quest.[18]
  • Kirito meets Coper, another beta tester and both agree to help each other complete the «Secret Medicine of the Forest» quest.
  • ~20:30 Aincrad Standard Time: First in-game death in Sword Art Online occurred. The player, Arvin,[26] attempted to test the theory that he would regain consciousness after being disconnected from the server by jumping off from Aincrad.[27]
  • ~20:30-21:00 Aincrad Standard Time: Coper tries a monster PK on Kirito only to end up dying himself.[18][† 2][28]
  • 21:00 Kirito returns to Horunka village, finishes the quest and obtains an Anneal Blade.[18]
  • End of "The First Day"[18]
  • SAO Case Victims Rescue Force established.[29] Kikuoka Seijirou joined and led it.


  • Suguha finds out about Kazuto's parents' death and their actual relationship.[30]
  • About 2,000 people had died while playing Sword Art Online. Of this number, roughly 300 deaths were beta testers.[31]
  • Liten encountered the iron ore glitch[32]

December 2nd

December 3rd

  • Afternoon: Diavel's party finds the boss room.[35]
  • Before 17:30 - Aincrad Standard Time - The second First Floor Boss Strategy Meeting was held. Asuna temporarily joins Kirito's party.[35]
  • Asuna borrows Kirito's bathroom.[35]
  • Night - Asuna obtained Wind Fleuret from a monster drop.[36]

December 4th

  • 10:00 Aincrad Standard Time: The First Floor Boss Raid Group bands together.[37]
  • 12:40 Aincrad Standard Time: First Floor Boss fight begins.[38]
  • Kirito deals the Last Attack on Illfang the Kobold Lord. He gains the Coat of Midnight as a bonus.
  • The term «Beater» was created.
  • End of Progressive Volume 1, Aria of a Starless Night.
  • Beginning of Progressive Volume 1 Intermission - Reason for the Whiskers. .[39]
  • Kirito opens the teleport gate to the second floor. The first Town Opening is held.[39][† 3]
  • Kirito helps Argo out. He starts the acquisition quest for the Martial Arts Extra Skill.[39]

December 7th

  • Kirito completes the acquisition quest for the Martial Arts Extra Skill.[39][40]
  • End of Progressive Volume 1 Intermission - Reason for the Whiskers..[39][40]

December 8th

  • Beginning of Progressive Volume 1, Rondo of a Fragile Blade.
  • 15:00 Aincrad Standard Time: A certain player consecutively failed to strengthen his Anneal Blade four times at Nezha's Smith Shop.[41]
  • Asuna persuades Kirito to help her hunt «Needle of Wind Wasp».[41]
  • 19:00-19:30 Aincrad Standard Time: Kirito and Asuna go to eat a Tremble Shortcake together, with the expenses paid by Kirito due to him losing their challenge to kill 50 Windwasps first.[42]
  • After 19:30 Aincrad Standard Time: Asuna's Wind Fleuret appeared to have vanished, seemingly because of a failure in strengthening.[42]
  • 20:28-20:30 Aincrad Standard Time: Asuna's Wind Fleuret +4 returned to her.[42]

December 9th

  • Morning - The only Field Boss on the 2nd Floor, The Bullbous Bow defeated[43]
  • Evening - Kirito and Asuna meet Argo in a pub.[43]

December 11th

  • Near 20:00 - Kirito resolved the method used by Nezha to do the Enhancement scam, and he let Nezha abandon his one-handed weapon production skill to acquire the Martial Art skill.[44]

December 14th

  • The 2nd Floor Mid-Bosses, Baran the General Taurus and Nato the Colonel Taurus, is defeated.[45]
  • The 2nd Floor Boss, Asterius the Taurus King, is defeated.[46]
  • End of Progressive Volume 1, Rondo of a Fragile Blade
  • Beginning of Progressive Volume 2, Concerto of Black and White.
  • Asuna and Kirito party together. With Kirito and Asuna's help, the Dark Elf Kizmel defeats the Forest Elf.[47]

December 15th

  • Dawn - Asuna melts her Wind Fleuret +5 into an Argentium Ingot, then uses it to make her new rapier, the Chivalric Rapier.[48]
  • 17:00 - The first clearing meeting for the 3rd Floor takes place.[49]

December 20th

  • 17:00 - The last clearing meeting for the 3rd Floor takes place.[50]

December 21st

  • 13:12 - The 3rd Floor Boss, Nerius the Evil Treant, is defeated.[50]
  • End of Progressive Volume 2, Concerto of Black and White
  • Beginning of Progressive Volume 3, Barcarolle of Froth.
  • 13:32 - Kirito and Asuna reach the 4th Floor.[51]
  • Kirito and Asuna swim to the main city of the 4th Floor with swim rings.[51]
  • 14:02 - Kirito and Asuna reach the 4th Floor's main city [52]
  • 14:12 - The town opening for the 4th Floor.[53]

December 24th

December 27th

  • 14:32 - The 4th Floor Boss, Wythege The Hippocampus, is defeated.[55]
  • End of Progressive Volume 3, Barcarolle of Froth.

December 28th

  • Beginning of Progressive Volume 4, Scherzo of Deep Night.
  • Night - Joe learned the existence of the Flag of Valor. ALS held a secret strategy meeting and decided to clear the boss themselves before the DKB.[56]

December 29th

  • 22:00 - Morte and Joe have a secret meeting in the underground dungeon beneath Karluin. The meeting is overheard by Asuna.[57]

December 31st

  • 16:15 - Kirito's team entered the 5th Floor Labyrinth tower.[58]
  • After 19:00 - Kirito's team reached 5th Floor boss.[59]
  • 20:30 - 5th Floor boss defeated.[59]


  • Argus disbanded, RECT Progress Inc. takes over SAO server management.[citation needed]
  • 22nd Floor Boss was defeated within 3 days of the 21st Floor being cleared.[60]


January 1st

  • Kirito encountered a man in a black poncho, who used the catchphrase "It's showtime", in a castle in Karluin.[61]
  • End of Progressive Volume 4, Scherzo of Deep Night.
  • Beginning of Progressive Volume 5, Canon of the Golden Rule (I)[62]
  • SAOP 4.1 takes place.[63]
  • ~03:00 - Asuna and Kirito arrived to Stachion on the 6th Floor.[62]
  • Asuna and Kirito met with the leaders of the Dragons Knight Brigade to discuss the handling of the Flag of Valor[62]
  • Asuna and Kirito began the Curse of Stachion quest[62]
  • 17:30[64] - Asuna and Kirito completed the information gathering in Stachion portion of the Curse of Stachion questline[62]
  • Asuna and Kirito met with Argo in Suribus.[62]
  • Asuna and Kirito acquired a golden key at Pithagrus's second home in Suribus and were captured by Cylon as they attempted to leave the house.[62]
  • As Cylon transported Asuna and Kirito back to Stachion, their carriage was ambushed by Morte and Joe. Cylon killed by Morte.[62]
  • Morte and Joe forced to retreat after the former was nearly killed by Kirito.[62]

January 2nd

  • The first Field Boss of the 6th Floor defeated.[65]
  • Asuna and Kirito arrived at Castle Galey and reunited with Kizmel.
  • End of Progressive Volume 5, Canon of the Golden Rule (I)[65]

January 3rd

  • Sword Art Online Material Edition 21 (SAOP 4.2) takes place.[66]

January 4th

  • ~23:00 Aincrad Standard Time: The 6th Floor Boss, The Irregular Cube, was defeated.[67]

January 5th

  • Beginning of Progressive Volume 7, Rhapsody of a Red Blaze[67]



March 31st


April 8th


May 9th

  • The Clearers make it through the 28th Floor.[73]


June 22nd

  • Front line at the 30th Floor[74][75][† 5]
  • ~17:45 Aincrad Standard Time: Death of the "Moonlit Black Cats" members, aside from Kirito[75][† 5].


October 8th

  • The 38th Floor's boss is defeated.[76]

October 15th

October 16th

  • Nautilus is demoted to the Second Army of the Knights of the Blood and informed that he would not be participating in the boss battle.
  • 40th Floor boss room discovered.[69]

October 17th

  • 40th Floor boss strategy meeting is held.[69]

October 18th

  • 09:00 Aincrad Standard Time: The Clearers use a Corridor Crystal to reach the 40th Floor boss room.[77]
  • Yuna dies in a dungeon on the 40th Floor.[69]
  • Nautilus leaves the Knights of the Blood.[69]
  • The 40th Floor's boss is defeated.[69]
  • End of Hopeful Chant


  • ALfheim Online (ALO) created.[78]
  • Kirito learns rumors of a rare item drop which can revive dead players from Argo. Kirito starts power leveling even more so than before in order to solo the event.[79]


December 24th

  • The front line is at the 49th Floor.[80]

December 25th



January 1st


February 14th

  • The Silver Flags guild is attacked by the members of the Titan's Hand. 4 members of the guild are killed by the orange guild and only the leader managed to survive.[87]

February 23rd

February 24th

  • Silica and Kirito come to the 47th Floor and acquire the Pneuma Flower.[89]
  • The Titan's Hand guild's members are arrested and sent to the prison in the Black Iron Palace.[89]
  • Pina is revived.[89]
  • End of "The Black Swordsman".[89]


March 6th

  • Beginning of ME1 - "The Progressers".[91]
  • 56th Field Boss Strategy Meeting[91]
  • Duel between Asuna and Kirito.[91]

March 7th


April 22nd

April 23rd


May 11th


June 24th

June 25th

June 26th


  • "Sound of Water, Sound of Hammer" takes place.
  • Front Line is at 70th Floor.[100]
  • The location of the Laughing Coffin base is leaked. The clearers form a subjugation party and assault the guild's headquarters. Laughing Coffin is annihilated.[69][101]


  • ME4 - "Cold Hand, Warm Heart".

September 23rd

  • Beginning of Sword Art Online Material Edition 17 - The Much-Talked-About Esteemed Sub-leader[102]

September 30th

  • End of Sword Art Online Material Edition 17[102]


October 1st

  • The Story Pencil Board story takes place.[103]
  • Asuna and Lisbeth take a bath together in an open-air bath located outside the AREA, with Kirito guarding the two from monsters.[103]

October 4th

  • The boss of the 73rd Floor was defeated a couple days prior to the events of The Fourteenth Autumn.[10]
  • Beginning of "The Fourteenth Autumn"[10]
  • Silica and Kirito celebrate Silica's birthday on the 35th Floor. Kirito gives Silica the Ring of Angel's Whisper as a gift, but she never gets the chance to actually use it.[10]
  • End of "The Fourteenth Autumn"[10]

October 9th

  • Front liners actively begin exploring the 74th Floor.[104]

October 17th

October 18th

October 19th

October 20th

  • Kirito duels with Heathcliff and loses. Kirito joins the "Knights of the Blood ".[115][116]
  • Volume 1 - Chapter 13.

October 22nd

  • Kirito wears Knights of the Blood's white uniform for the first time.[117]
  • Kirito tells Asuna about his past guild, "Moonlit Black Cats", and his reason why he refuses to form a party or joining a guild with anyone since then.[117]
  • Argo ended up being trapped in a flying log house after accepting the «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures» quest without bringing Toto with her.[118]

October 23rd

  • Volume 1 - Chapters 14-16.
  • Kirito meets with Godfree and Kuradeel to train in the 55th Floor Labyrinth.[119]
  • Kuradeel kills Godfree during training, and reveals that he is actually a member of "Laughing Coffin". Asuna arrives to save Kirito, but as she is about to deal the finishing blow, she had a moment of hesitation which Kuradeel used to disarm her. Kirito then rushes in and kills Kuradeel.[119]
  • Kirito and Asuna request leave from the Knights of the Blood.[120][† 9]
  • 21:00 Kirito proposes marriage to Asuna in her house in Selmburg.[119]
  • Chapter 16.5 takes place. (non-canon)[119]

October 24th

October 25th

October 26th

October 27th

  • 10:00 - End of Sword Art Online Material Edition 18 (Sugary Days 8)[132]
  • Sword Art Online Material Edition 19 (Sugary Days 9) takes place[134]

October 27th - 30th

  • ME6 - "Algade Showdown".[citation needed]

October 30th

October 31st

  • Kirito and Asuna travel to the Starting City with Yui; they encounter Sasha and the orphanage.[125]


November 1st

  • Kirito and Asuna are approached by Yulier. They enter the dungeon under Black Iron Palace.[136]
  • Yui used the «Object Eraser» GM feature to delete the The Fatal Scythe.[136]
  • Yui is erased by Cardinal, but Kirito manages to extract her core file and saved it to his NerveGear's local memory.[136]

November 2nd

  • Kirito and Asuna leave the Starting City and return to the 22nd Floor.[137]

November 3rd

November 3rd-November 5th

November 6th

  • Kirito and Nishida successfully manage to fish the The King of Lakes.[140]
  • Scout party of 20 people departs for the 75th Floor boss room. Half of the party is wiped out.[141]

November 7th

  • Volume 1 - Chapters 20-24.
  • 10:00 Aincrad Standard Time: Kirito and Asuna report at Granzam[142][† 11][143][† 12]
  • 13:00[144] Aincrad Standard time: Raid party departs for the 75th Floor boss room using a Corridor Crystal.[citation needed]
  • After 14:00 Aincrad Standard Time: The Skull Reaper is defeated. The group suffered fourteen casualties during the battle.[145][† 13][citation needed]
  • Kirito reveals Heathcliff's identity to be Kayaba Akihiko.[citation needed]
  • Heathcliff duels Kirito as the final boss of SAO.[146]
  • Asuna dies in the game.[146]
  • Beginning of "The Final Promise". [148]
  • 14:55 Aincrad Standard Time: Kirito defeats Heathcliff; Sword Art Online is Cleared.[146]
  • ~15:00 Aincrad Standard Time: Around 6,000 remaining players are automatically disconnected, 300 of them (including Asuna) got transported to ALfheim Online instead of returning to the real world.[146]
  • Keiko wakes up in her hospital room.[148]
  • Ending of "The Final Promise".[148]
  • Kirito wakes up in his hospital room.[146]
  • SAO Deleted.[146]
  • Kayaba Akihiko commits suicide by scanning his brain with a modified FullDive machine (a Soul Translator (STL) prototype) and is successful in transferring his scanned conscience onto the Internet.[146][149]
  • Volume 1 - Chapter 25.
  • End of Aincrad Arc.
  • Volume 3 - End of Prologue.



  • ALO suspended.[citation needed]

January 19th

  • Beginning of Volume 3 - Chapter 1.[150]
  • Kazuto visits Asuna at the hospital and meets Sugou Nobuyuki. During their conversation, he finds out about Nobuyuki's plan to get married to Asuna.[150]

January 20th

  • Kazuto finds out about ALfheim Online from Andrew and finds out about the picture of Asuna taken at the World Tree.[150]
  • End of Volume 3 - Chapter 1.[150]
  • Beginning of Volume 3 - Chapter 2.[150]
  • Noon - Kirito enters ALO, meets Leafa and helps her defeat several Salamanders. At Swilvane, they decide to meet up the next day for a journey to the World Tree.[150][151]
  • End of Volume 3 - Chapter 2.[150]

January 21st

  • Volume 3 - Chapter 3-4.[152]
  • Kirito and Leafa departed from Swilvane, and were attacked near the city of Legrue by twelve Salamanders.[152]
  • Kirito stopped the Salamanders from attacking the Sylph and Cait Sith meeting.[152]

January 22nd

  • Beginning of Volume 4 - Chapter 5
  • ~02:00 JST: Kirito and Leafa accidentally entered Jötunheimr and encountered a beast-type Evil God, Tonky.[153][† 6][154][† 14]
  • ~03:00 - 04:00 JST: "Holy Sword Excalibur" found.[155][† 6][154][† 14]
  • ~04:00 JST: Kirito and Leafa arrive at Alne[156][† 6][154][† 14]
  • End of Volume 4 - Chapter 5
  • Beginning of Volume 4 - Chapter 7
  • End of Volume 4 - Chapter 7
  • Beginning of Volume 4 - Chapter 8
  • After 15:00 JST: Kirito received an admin card from Asuna and then challenged the Grand Quest on his own for the first time.[157][† 14][158][† 6]
  • Kirito and Leafa recognize each other's real life identity.[157]
  • "Battle" between Kirito and Leafa[157]
  • Kirito reached top of the World Tree with the help of Leafa, Recon, Cait Sith and Sylph. At the top of the tree he met Asuna and fought against Oberon.[157]
  • Kirito obtained The Seed from Kayaba Akihiko.[157]
  • Sugou Nobuyuki attacked Kirigaya Kazuto in the car park outside Asuna's hospital.[157]
  • End of Volume 4 - Chapter 8

January 26th

  • ME5 - "Salvia and the MTB" takes place[159].


  • The Seed package became available to the public for free.[160]


  • Kayaba Akihiko's hiding location is discovered.[149]
  • Kazuto met Koujiro Rinko after asking her for a meeting to find out more about Akihiko.[149]


April 10th

April 12th

  • Main events and ending of The Celeste Fairy [163]


May 16th

May 17th

  • 00:00 JST Establishment of New Aincrad inside of the New ALO.[149][164]
  • The first 10 Floors of New Aincrad are opened up for conquering (the Floor Bosses still need to be defeated to gain access to the Floors though).[164]
  • End of Fairy Dance Arc.

End of May


June 21st

June 22nd

  • ~16:00 JST: The boss battle of the 8th Floor of New Aincrad begins.[168]
  • ~17:00 JST: The boss raiding party is wiped out.[168]

June 23rd

  • The clearers attempt another raid on Wadjet the Flaming Serpent. Before the battle, Kirito changes his hairstyle from his previously spiky hair to his SAO day style.[169]
  • End of The Day After


July 25th

July 26th


  • 1st «Bullet of Bullets».[citation needed]
  • Kohiruimaki Karen begins playing Gun Gale Online as LLENN.[2]

August 4th


  • 11th to 20th Floors of New Aincrad are opened up for conquering.[173]

September 14th


  • 2nd «Bullet of Bullets».[176]


  • LLENN begins to hunt monsters and, later, players.

November 9th

November 14th

  • Shigemura Tamotsu's body is found.[176]

November 25th

November 28th

  • Usujio Tarako's body is found.[176]


December 7th

  • Volume 5 - Chapters 1, 2.[179]
  • ~11:00 JST - Kazuto meets up with Kikuoka Seijirou, who asks him to investigate a case in Gun Gale Online.[179][180][† 6]
  • ~15:00 JST - Kazuto meets Asuna outside the Imperial Palace.[181]
  • Volume 5 - Chapter 3.[175]
  • Volume 5 - Chapters 4-5.[citation needed]

December 13th

December 14th

December 15th

December 16th

  • Volume 6 - Chapter 16.[189]
  • 16:00 JST: - Kazuto and Shino meet Kikuoka.[189]
  • Shino meets Asuna, Rika, and a victim in the post office's case.[189]
  • End of Phantom Bullet Arc.[189]
  • Sinon joined ALO.[190]

December 20th

  • Information regarding the release of the 21st to 30th floors of New Aincrad into ALO is announced.[191]

December 24th

  • 19:00[192] JST: 21st Floor of New Aincrad unlocked.[173]
  • The boss of the 21st Floor of New Aincrad is defeated by the 7 member party of Asuna, Kirito, Klein, Agil, Lisbeth, Silica and Leafa and other parties.[173]
  • 22nd Floor of New Aincrad unlocked.[173]
  • Kirito and Asuna leave their previously rented home in Yggdrasil City and reacquire their old wooden house that they had bought on the original Aincrad on the 22nd Floor.[173]

December 28th

December 31st



  • 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th Floors of New Aincrad are unlocked prior to the events of Mother's Rosario.[173]

January 6th

January 7th

January 8th

  • The boss of the 27th Floor of new Aincrad is defeated.[197]

January 11th

  • Asuna meets Yuuki at the Yokohama North General Hospital.[198]

January 12th

  • Yuuki spends the first day at the SAO survivor school with Asuna.[198]
  • Yuuki and Asuna visit Yuuki's old house.[198]
  • Asuna shows her mother the forest around her house in New Aincrad and, the next day, she gets permission to continue her studies in the SAO survivor school, under the condition that she keeps her grades up.[198]

January 16th

  • Asuna holds a barbecue at her house in the forest, with 30 players participating. The 30 players, having built up enthusiasm over the party, rush up to the 28th Floor's boss room and defeat the boss.[198]

January 18th

  • Beginning of Gun Gale Online Volume 1 - Prologue and SECT.3[2]
  • Pitohui tells LLENN about the Squad Jam tournament.
  • End of Gun Gale Online Volume 1 - Prologue[2]

January 27th

  • LLENN joins the first Squad Jam tournament.[199]

January 28th

  • Deadline for applications for the first Squad Jam.[199]

January 30th

  • LLENN meets with Pitohui in GGO. LLENN meets M for the first time.[199]
  • End of Gun Gale Online Volume 1 - SECT.3[199]


  • Asuna and the Sleeping Knights defeat the 29th Floor Boss of New Aincrad.[198]
  • United dueling tournament in ALfheim Online. Yuuki wins first place, while Kirito comes second.[198]

February 1st

  • The first Squad Jam takes place[199]

February 8th

February 15th

  • Beginning of Gun Gale Online Volume 2 - SECT.1
  • The members of SHINC visit Karen's home to rewatch highlights of the Squad Jam tournament.[201]
  • End of Gun Gale Online Volume 2 - SECT.1

February 17th

  • Beginning of Gun Gale Online Volume 2 - SECT.2
  • Karen visits her family in Hokkaido.[202]

February 24th

  • Karen meets with Miyu for karaoke.[202]


  • Asuna, Rika, Keiko and Suguha go on a three day and two night trip to the Yuuki family home in Kyoto, with Yuuki and her guild members using the Bidirectional Communication Probe to enjoy the sights as well.[198]

March 4th

  • The second Squad Jam is announced.[202]

March 15th

  • Karen returns to Tokyo.[202]
  • LLENN purchases a second P90 to replace the original one that she lost during the first Squad Jam.[202][† 15]

March 16th

  • Karen is approached by Asougi Goushi (M)
  • End of Gun Gale Online Volume 2 - SECT.2
  • Beginning of Gun Gale Online Volume 2 - SECT.3
  • Karen is convinced to participate in the second Squad Jam after being informed about Pitohui's plans to participate in the tournament with her life on the line.[202]
  • End of Gun Gale Online Volume 2 - SECT.3
  • Beginning of Gun Gale Online Volume 2 - SECT.4
  • Karen requests Shinohara Miyu to participate in the second Squad Jam with her.[203]

March 29th


April 1st

  • The deadline for registrations to the second Squad Jam.[202]

First Saturday of April[† 16]

  • Yuuki's funeral.[207]
  • End of "Mother's Rosario".[207]

April 4th

  • The second Squad Jam takes place.[202]

April 24th

April 29th

  • YUNA's live concert at the New National Stadium takes place.[209]
  • Shigemura Tetsuhiro attempts to conduct a high-output scan of the SAO survivors' brains at the New National Stadium.[209]
  • An Incarnation of the Radius is defeated.[209]
  • Kikuoka Seijirou's team apprehends Shigemura Tetsuhiro.[209]


  • Publication of "Full Records of the SAO Incident".[210]

May 1st

  • Nochizawa Eiji surrenders himself to the police at Yoyogi.[211]

May 4th

  • Asuna and Kazuto's come to Mount Doudaira to watch a meteor shower.[212]
  • End of Ordinal Scale

May 7th

May 8th

  • Eiji is released from the police due to Fuurinkazan members deciding not to file a report against him.[211]
  • Kazuto meets with Eiji and brings him to a family restaurant to enquire about the fate of the SAO server.[211]
  • Eiji, Kazuto, and Yui infiltrate Argus's headquarters to access the SAO server.[211]
  • YUNA is saved from the brink of collapse by White Yuna with Eiji's help.[211]
  • End of Cordial Chords[214]

May 18th


  • Volume 15 - Chapter 14 takes place.
  • Sinon obtained second place in 4th BoB.[215]
  • Beginning of Alicization Arc.

June 26th-28th

June 29th

  • Kazuto is attacked by "Johnny Black".[219]

June 30th

  • ~13:45 JST: Kazuto transported away from Setagaya General Hospital.[219]


July 1st

  • Asuna contacts Rinko about Kazuto having disappeared, and Kikuoka's possible involvement.[220]

July 5th

July 6th

  • Volume 12 - Alicization Rising.
  • Volume 13 - Alicization Dividing.
  • 07:15 JST: The destroyer JS Nagato (DD-127) sails away from the Ocean Turtle.[222]
  • Volume 14 - Alicization Uniting.
  • 14:07 JST: Invasion of the Ocean Turtle begins.[223]
  • Kirito's Fluctlight damaged due to sudden power cut.
  • Chapter 15-17 of Volume 15 - Alicization Invading.
  • Chapter 18 Volume 16 - Alicization Exploding.

July 7th

  • Chapter 19, parts 6-7 Volume 16 - Alicization Exploding.
  • 0:00 JST - Underworld FLA decreased to 1.00 times. Underworld and Real World days now occur at the same pace. Equal to Underworld time HEC 380, eighth day of the 11th month, 0:00.[224]
  • 3:00 JST: Yui wakes Asada Shino and Kirigaya Suguha to have them contact RATH.[225]
  • ~4:20 JST: Yui contacts Klein, Agil, Lisbeth, and Silica to request ALO players for help in the Underworld.[226]
  • Volume 17 - Alicization Awakening.
  • 5:00 JST: Klein, Agil, Lisbeth, and Silica give their plea to ALO players.
  • Chapters 21-23 Volume 18 - Alicization Lasting.
  • 10:00 JST: Alice's Light Cube is removed from the Underworld. Current Underworld FLA is set to ~5,000,000 times.[227]


August 1st

  • Volume 18 Epilogue

August 16-17th

  • Volume 18 Prologue III
  • End of Alicization Arc.

August 29th

End of Year

  • 5th "Bullet of Bullets".[229]

Underworld Timeline

Due to the Fluctlight acceleration function of the Soul Translator, the time in Underworld passes at a much different rate than in real life (the FLA rate can be set anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 times the rate of the real world). Therefore, a different calendar, called the Human Empire Calendar (HEC), is used for events in Underworld. This calendar only starts counting the time about 30 years after Quinella created the Axiom Church though, so some events do take place before the HEC.

70 Before HEC

  • Underworld is created.[230]
  • 4 Rath employees log in and start raising 2 families of 8 Artificial Fluctlights each.[230]

52 Before HEC

  • The Artificial Fluctlights reach the age of 18 and start families of their own.[231]
  • The 4 Rath employees log out one at a time under the guise of an "epidemic".[231]

17 HEC

30 HEC

  • The Axiom Church is established.[233]

30-97 HEC

97 HEC

  • Quinella discovers the existence of a system command list in Underworld.[235]
  • Quinella increases her System Control Authority to the maximum and becomes the Administrator of the Human Empire.[235]
  • Quinella stops the natural degeneration of her maximum Life and greatly increases the value of her maximum Life.[235]
  • Quinella accidentally fuses the Cardinal System with her Fluctlight.[235]

97-117 HEC

  • Quinella experiments with a command that directly manipulates the Fluctlight of a person on captured Underworld residents.[236]

117 HEC

  • Quinella uses the Fluctlight altering command on herself and gets rid of her emotions.[237]

167 HEC

  • Quinella discovers the Fluctlight memory limit and that she is about to reach it.[238]
  • Quinella invites a nun to the top of the Central Cathedral and attempts to take control of her Fluctlight, to create a backup of her memories.[238]
  • Cardinal gains control of the nun's body and retreats to the Great Library Room.[238]

167-361 HEC

  • Quinella turns her research subjects into unconditionally loyal Integrity Knights.[239]
  • Cardinal sends out observers to look for collaborators to aid her in fighting against Quinella.[239]

361 HEC

7th Month of the HEC, 372

18th Day of the 7th Month

21st Day of the 7th Month

  • Kirito, Eugeo and Alice venture to the cave at the Mountain Range at the Edge.[240][241]
  • Alice touches the soil of the Dark Territory.[240][241]

22nd Day of the 7th Month

3rd Month of the HEC, 378

19th Day of the 3rd Month

  • Beginning of Chapter 1[242][243]
  • Kirito wakes up in Underworld after being injected with succinylcholine by Kanemoto Atsushi (Johnny Black).[242][243]
  • Kirito meets Eugeo for the first time after awakening in Underworld.[242][243]

21st Day of the 3rd Month

  • Selka ventures into the cave at the Mountain Range at the Edge and is captured by goblins.[244]
  • Kirito and Eugeo catch up to Selka and fight the goblins. Eugeo is severely wounded but is healed with a «Life» transfer command.[244]
  • Alice somehow makes an appearance as a spirit and tells Kirito that she is waiting for him and Eugeo at the Central Cathedral.[244]

After the 21st Day

  • The Gigas Cedar is chopped down. Eugeo chooses his next Sacred Task to be a Swordsman.[243]
  • Kirito chops off a single branch of the Gigas Cedar.[243]
  • Kirito and Eugeo leave for Zakkaria.[243]
  • End of Chapter 1[243]

3rd to 8th Month of the HEC, 378

  • Kirito and Eugeo reach Zakkaria and start working for a family of farmers.[245]

8th Month of the HEC, 378

28th Day of the 8th Month

3rd Month of the HEC, 379

1st Day of the 3rd Month

2nd Day of the 3rd Month

  • Eugeo and Kirito discovered the reason why the Bilzen Inn had been abandoned.[247]
  • Eugeo and Kirito cleared a hectare of land at the Bilzen Inn to use as a new crop field.[247]
  • Eugeo and Kirito encountered Kothlin Bilzen's astral form a second time.[247]

3rd Day of the 3rd Month

  • Eugeo and Kirito met with Kothlin Bilzen in the flesh with her father.[248]
  • Eugeo and Kirito finished cultivating the new crop field at the Bilzen Inn.[248]
  • End of Distant Journey[248]

Between the 3rd and 7th Day of the 3rd Month

7th Day of the 3rd Month

  • Eugeo and Kirito visited Sadore's shop and gave him the branch of the Gigas Cedar.[249]

4th Month of the HEC, 379

3rd Month of the HEC, 380

6th Day of the 3rd Month

  • Beginning of Chapter 4[249]
  • Kirito promises to show his Aincrad-style skills to his mentor, Sortiliena, as a graduation gift to her.[249]

7th Day of the 3rd Month

  • Kirito and Eugeo visit Sadore and claim the sword that he crafted over a year's time.[249]
  • Kirito stains Volo's uniform while practicing his Sword Skills and is then ordered to spar with Volo as punishment for this insult.[249]
  • Kirito spars with Volo. Although Kirito manages hold out against Volo and is even on the verge of winning, the match was halted by Azurica and claimed as a draw.[249]
  • A celebration of the match is held in Sortiliena's room.[249]

8th Day of the 3rd Month

  • Sortiliena defeats Volo during the final graduations selection battle and graduates as the top ranked student of the North Centoria Imperial Sword Mastery Academy that year.[249]

Last third of the 3rd Month

  • Sortiliena Serlut and Volo Levantein are defeated in the Empire Swordsmanship tournament by Eldrie Woolsburg. Eldrie becomes a representative of the Norlangarth North Empire in the Four Empires Unity Tournament.[249][251][252]
  • End of Chapter 4[249]
  • Kirito and Eugeo are placed in 5th and 6th place during the promotion examination at the end of the year and become elite swordsmen-in-training.[251]

4th Month of the HEC, 380

  • New school year at the Sword Mastery Academy begins.[253]
  • Kirito and Eugeo are assigned valets of their own, Ronye and Tiese.[253]

5th Month of the HEC, 380

17th Day of the 5th Month

  • Interlude III takes place.[251]
  • Beginning of Chapter 5[251]
  • Eugeo spars with Humbert. The match is declared a draw.[251]

20th Day of the 5th Month

  • Eugeo and Kirito go on a picnic with their valets, Tiese and Ronye.[254]
  • Eugeo and Kirito confront Humbert for mistreating his valet, Frenica.[254]

22nd Day of the 5th Month

  • Tiese and Ronye confront Humbert and Raios and "insult" them.
  • Humbert and Raios attempt to "punish" the girls.[251]
  • Eugeo breaks the «Seal of his right eye» and attacks Humbert, cutting off his arm.[251]
  • Kirito attacks Raios to protect Eugeo. Both Raios' hands are cut off with «Whirl Current».[251]
  • Raios dies due to his Fluctlight breaking down.[251]

23rd Day of the 5th Month

  • ~09:00 Eugeo and Kirito are arrested by Alice Synthesis Thirty.[255]
  • End of Chapter 5
  • ~12:00 : Kirito and Eugeo are thrown into the Central Cathedral prison.[256][† 6][257][† 2]

24th Day of the 5th Month

  • Beginning of Chapter 6
  • ~03:00 : Kirito and Eugeo escape from the Central Cathedral prison.[252]
  • The two encounter Integrity Knight Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-one and battle with him. The battle is interrupted after the two boys start reminding Eldrie of his past life and Deusolbert Synthesis Seven interferes.[252]
  • ~06:00 : Cardinal rescues the boys by leading them to the Great Library Room.[252][258]
  • End of Chapter 6
  • Beginning of Chapter 7
  • ~09:00 : Kirito and Eugeo leave the Great Library Room and arrive on the 3rd floor of the Central Cathedral.[258]
  • End of Chapter 7
  • Beginning of Chapter 8
  • Kirito and Eugeo defeat Deusolbert Synthesis Seven.[259]
  • ~11:00-12:00 : Kirito and Eugeo meet Fizel and Linel, who attempt to paralyze the intruders with poison.[259]
  • Kirito and Eugeo defeat Fanatio Synthesis Two, as well as her 4 accompanying Knights, in battle. Fanatio is mortally wounded and Kirito uses one of Cardinal's daggers to have Cardinal save the dying Knight.[259]
  • Kirito and Eugeo encounter Alice Synthesis Thirty on the 80th floor of the Central Cathedral. During the battle, Kirito and Alice fall out of the Cathedral after accidentally breaking its wall during their battle.[259]
  • End of Chapter 8
  • Beginning of Chapter 9 and 10[260][261]
  • ~15:00 Kirito manages to stop his and Alice's descent by stabbing his sword into a gap in the wall. They soon start ascending the cathedral using pitons generated via Sacred Arts and ascend to where the eighty-fifth floor is located by nightfall.[260][† 17]
  • Kirito and Alice encounter gargoyles guarding the walls of the cathedral and, after defeating them, take shelter on a gargoyle terrace.[260]
  • End of Chapter 9[260][† 17]
  • Eugeo fights with Bercouli Synthesis One. At the end of the battle, Eugeo released his sword's recollections, freezing Bercouli in place.[262][† 17]
  • Chief Elder Chudelkin casts a Sacred Art that "deep freezes" Bercouli. Chudelkin then seizes Eugeo.[262][† 17]
  • End of Chapter 10
  • Beginning of Chapter 11
  • 20:00-21:00 : Alice overcame her «Seal of the Right Eye».[263][264]

25th Day of the 5th Month

  • Just after 00:00 - Eugeo is tempted by Quinella and removes his "Core Protection"[265]
  • End of Chapter 11
  • Beginning of Chapter 12
  • Around 02:00 - Kirito fights with Integrity Knight Eugeo Synthesis Thirty-Two.[266]
  • Eugeo regains partial self control.[266]
  • End of Chapter 12
  • Beginning of Chapter 13
  • Kirito nearly kills Chudelkin.[266]
  • The Sword Golem is formed.[266]
  • Charlotte dies.[266]
  • Cardinal arrives to Quinella's room.[266]
  • Eugeo, along with Alice's memory fragment, are turned into a sword.[266]
  • Cardinal dies.[266]
  • Eugeo-Sword is broken.[266]
  • Kirito dual wields against administrator.[266]
  • Terminal that connects to the real world is revealed.[266]
  • Chudelkin is burnt.[266]
  • Quinella's soul vanishes.[266]
  • Kirito remembers a locked memory fragment.[266]
  • Eugeo names Kirito's black sword.[266]
  • The Lightcube storing Eugeo's Fluctlight and another other storing the memory fragment of Alice are formatted.[266]
  • Kirito contacted the real world via the terminal.[266]
  • Seijirou asked Kirito to bring Alice to the World End Altar.[266]
  • Kirito's Fluctlight was damaged.[266]
  • End of Chapter 13

10th Month of the HEC, 380

  • Beginning of Volume 15 Chapter 15.

22nd Day of the 10th Month

31st Day of the 10th Month

  • Alice leaves for the Great East Gate.[268]
  • End of Volume 15 Chapter 15

11th Month of the HEC, 380

  • Beginning of Volume 15 Chapter 17.

2nd Day of the 11th Month

  • Alice arrives at the camp of the Human Empire Defense Army.[269]

3rd Day of the 11th Month

  • Vixur Ul Shasta dies, killing Fu Za, Hagashi and Kuberi in the process. Vecta survives Viksul's attack without a scratch.[270]

7th Day of the 11th Month

  • The army of the Dark Territory arrives at the base of a mountain overlooking the Great East Gate.[271]
  • End of Volume 15 Chapter 17
  • Beginning of Volume 16 Chapter 18.
  • Sunset - Collapse of the Eastern Gate.

2nd Month of the HEC, 382[272]

17th Day of the 2nd Month

Show/Hide spoiler

18th Day of the 2nd Month

  • ~11:30 - A Human Empire resident killed, cause unknown.[275][276]

19th Day of the 2nd Month

  • 05:00 - Kirito and Ronye leave the Central Cathedral for Obsidia.[277]


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