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This article is about the original and canon Sword Skills that are available in Sword Art Online and are later introduced to New ALfheim Online and Underworld. For a list of Original Sword Skills that are introduced in New ALO, see Original Sword Skills. For a list of Sword Skills in the non-canon game adaptations, Hollow Fragment and Lost Song, see Sword Skills (Hollow Fragment) and Sword Skills (Lost Song) respectively.
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Kirito executing a Sword Skill.

«Sword Skills» (剣技(ソードスキル), Sōdo Sukiru?) are «Sword Art Online's» combat movements that are assisted by the system. Most Sword Skills are named in English[† 1], the only exception being Katana and certain Martial Arts category skills, which are named in Japanese, but written in the English alphabet[† 2].

Sword Skills were later introduced to «New ALfheim Online» with minor modifications. One of these changes was the addition of six elemental damage properties: Fire (, Hi?), Water (, Mizu?), Earth (, Chi?), Wind (, Kaze?), Darkness (, Yami?), and Holy (, Sei?), which supplement the usual physical damage.[1] Another change allowed players to create their own skills. Additionally, it is rumored that about ten skills were removed during the adaptation; however, whether this is true or not has yet to be confirmed. Sword Skills are also present in Underworld.


Sword Skills are activated when a player performs the appropriate «Pre-Motion» (予備動作(プレモーション), Pure Mōshon?, lit. "Preparation motion")[2][3][4] for a skill, such as raising a sword atop one's shoulder. As soon as the system recognises the motion, the player's weapon begins to glow in a colour specific to a Sword Skill.[3] The player can then allow the system to take over and automatically complete the skill at a speed that is normally near impossible for a player to achieve and dealing much more damage than a regular sword swing.[4]

After a skill is completed, the user is temporarily rendered rigid in a state called a «Post-Motion» (技後硬直(ポストモーション), Posuto Mōshon?, lit. "After technique stiffening"),[2] during which the user is made vulnerable to any counter-attacks.[5] The higher the level of the Sword Skill used, the longer the «Post-Motion» period is.

After a Sword Skill has been used, the skill enters a «Cooling» (冷却(クーリング), Kūringu?) period, which is displayed as a cooling icon at the bottom of the player's view.[6] Until this period ends, the same Sword Skill cannot be used, however, any other learned skills that are not in a cooling period can still be used.[6]

The amount of available Sword Skills and their type depends on the Weapon Skills that the player has trained.

Known Sword Skill Techniques[]

One-Handed Sword[]

English Name Japanese Name Description Combo Ref
Deadly Sins デッドリー・シンズ A seven-hit skill that consists of various slashes, several full circle spins and a backwards somersault. 7 [7]
Horizontal ホリゾンタル A simple sword skill slashing horizontally. 1 [8][9]
Horizontal Arc ホリゾンタル・アーク A flat two-part skill that involves a horizontal swing from left to right, followed by a second horizontal swing from right to left. 2 [10]
Horizontal Square ホリゾンタル・スクエア A mid-level sword skill tracing the shape of a rhombus. 4 [9]
Howling Octave ハウリング・オクターブ Five high-speed consecutive thrusts, followed by a downward and then an upward slash, before culminating in a final, full-force overhead slash. 40% Physical, 60% Fire. 8 [1]
Lightning Fall ライトニング・フォール A heavy ranged attack that involves kicking off the ground with full force and then stabbing the sword into the ground, shooting out blue sparks in all directions. 30% Physical, 70% Lightning. 1 [11]
Nova Ascension ノヴァ・アセンション 10 [12]
Rage Spike レイジスパイク A basic, weak skill that leaps at the enemy and follows with an upward strike. 1 [5][2]
Savage Fulcrum サベージ・フルクラム A sword skill that traces the Arabic number "4" in the air. 50% Physical, 50% Ice. 3 [1]
Serration Wave セレーション・ウェーブ A single-hit area of effect (AOE) one-handed sword skill, a technique meant to impede movement and barely does any damage. 1 [13]
Sharp Nail シャープネイル A Sword Skill that consists of an upward right to left diagonal slash, followed by a left to right horizontal slash, ending with a downward right to left diagonal slash. An alternative execution of the skills consists of three vertical slashes. 3 [14][9]
Slant スラント A simple sword skill slashing diagonally. 1 [8][9][15]
Snake Bite スネークバイト Consecutive left and right swings that target the opponent's weapon, with a chance of breaking the weapon. 2 [16]
Sonic Leap ソニック・リープ A charge-type sword skill that dashes toward the enemy to deal a downward strike. 1 [15]
Uppercut 上段斬り A simple sword skill delivering an uppercut. 1 [4]
Vertical バーチカル A simple sword skill slashing vertically. 1 [8][9]
Vertical Arc バーチカル・アーク A simple sword skill creating a 'V' shape trajectory. 2 [17][2]
Vertical Square バーチカル・スクエア A mid-level sword skill tracing the shape of a square. 4 [18][1][17]
Vorpal Strike ヴォーパル・ストライク A heavy one-handed sword skill with a reach that is double the length of the blade and has high attack power. It has a long cool-down. 30% Physical, 30% Fire, 40% Darkness. 1 [19][1]

One-Handed Curved Sword[]

English Name Japanese Name Description Combo Ref
Fell Crescent フェル・クレセント A high-class charge-type Sword Skill that delivers a downward blow and covers a distance of 4 meters in 0.4 seconds. 1 [20]
Reaver リーバー A basic Sword Skill. 1 [3]
Slashing Ray スラッシング・レイ A high-level Sword Skill for curved swords. [21]
Treble Scythe トレブル・サイズ A high-level Sword Skill for curved swords that consists of three consecutive sideswipes while spinning like a top. 3 [22]

One-Handed Axe[]

English Name Japanese Name Description Combo Ref
Double Cleave ダブル・クリーブ A two-strike skill. 2 [14]

Two-Handed Battle Axe[]

English Name Japanese Name Description Combo Ref
Whirlwind ワールウインド A basic spinning strike. 1 [2]

Two-Handed Sword[]

English Name Japanese Name Description Combo Ref
Avalanche アバランシュ A high-level two-handed sword charging skill, consisting of a slash from an overhead stance. 1 [23]
Back Rush バックラッシュ A countering technique to spin around when an opponent has the player's back. 1 [24]
Cascade カスケード An overhead slash. 1 [25]
Cataract カタラクト 2 [25]
Cyclone サイクロン A spinning sword slash. 1 [26]


English Name Japanese Name Description Combo Ref
Crucifixion クルーシフィクション A skill composed of six strikes, the first three being vertical thrusts, and the latter three being horizontal thrusts, creating a figure of a cross. 6 [12]
Diagonal Sting ダイアゴナル・スティング A high thrust followed by a low thrust that begin from a dance-like pre-motion. 2 [25]
Flashing Penetrator フラッシング・ペネトレイター A high-level charge skill that produces a sonic boom and looks like a comet. 1 [27]
Folium フォーリウム A slashing attack for the rapier that curves upward from the left hip, making a sharp loop at its peak, before transitioning into slash towards the user's lower right. The trajectory of the skill mimics the Latin lowercase cursive "l". 1 [28]
Linear リニアー The first rapier skill learned. It delivers a single thrust at the enemy at a great speed. 1 [9]
Neutron ニュートロン A high-ranking extreme speed Sword Skill that delivers 5 consecutive thrusts. 20% Physical and 80% Holy damage (New ALfheim Online). 5 [1]
Oblique オブリーク A low thrust skill. Its range is shorter than Linear's, but the power is higher due to the user's weight behind it. 1 [10][29]
Parallel Sting パラレル・スティング 2 [30][31][9][25]
Quadruple Pain カドラプル・ペイン A rapid four-hit thrust that can immobilize the target. 4 [32][33]
Shooting Star シューティングスター A charging rapier Sword Skill. [34][28]
Star Splash スター・スプラッシュ A high-level one-handed thrusting Sword Skill. 8 [35]
Streak ストリーク A basic diagonal slash. 1 [29]
Triangular トライアンギュラー A powerful three-hit skill. 3 [36][28]


English Name Japanese Name Description Combo Ref
Canine ケイナイン Upward thrust skill. [37]
Fad Edge ファッドエッジ [38][39]
Rapid Bite ラピッドバイト A middle class charge-type dagger skill. [38]

Martial Arts (Extra Skill)[]

English Name Japanese Name Description Combo Ref
Embracer エンブレイザ An unarmed skill that pierces the enemy with the fingers. 1 [40]
(Crescent Moon)
弦月(ゲンゲツ) A backflip kick technique. [24][34][10][22][9]
(Steel Tempering)
鋼練(ハガネリ) A defence skill that increases the player's Defence for a single second to such an extent that their entire body becomes harder than a set of full plate armour. Activation requires the player to be unarmed and only wearing non-metallic armour. [41]
(Flash Blow)
閃打(センダ) A basic «Martial Arts» lunging skill. 1 [6][34][14][42][9]
(Water Moon)
水月(スイゲツ) A roundhouse kick 1 [9]

Blade Throwing[]

English Name Japanese Name Description Combo Ref
Single Shot シングルシュート A beginner Blade Throwing skill. 1 [43][44]


English Name Japanese Name Description Combo Ref
Acute Vault アキュート・ヴォールト A charging skill. 1 [25]

Katana (Extra Skill)[]

English Name Japanese Name Description Combo Ref
(Phantom Moon)
幻月(ゲンゲツ) A half-circle that moves irregularly. 1 [2]
(Scarlet Fan)
緋扇(ヒオウギ) Upward, downward, then thrusting combo. 3 [45]
Iai One of the top techniques of Katana Skill. 1 [46]
辻風(ツジカゼ) A straight, long-ranged strike. 1 [2]
(Revolving wheel)
旋車(ツムジグルマ) An omnidirectional 360-degree whirling spin. 1 [45]
(Floating Boat)
浮舟(ウキフネ) Knocks the opponent high into the air. 1 [45]
(Absolute Void)
絶空(ぜックウ) A skill that consists of a slash combined with a drawing motion. 1 [12]

Dual Blades (Unique Skill)[]

English Name Japanese Name Description Combo Ref
Cross Block クロス・ブロック A defensive skill that is composed of crossing both of the user's swords to block. [12]
Double Circular ダブル・サーキュラー A dash-type skill that swiftly attacks with the right and left sword consecutively. 2 [47][35]
Starburst Stream スターバースト・ストリーム A high-class Dual Blades Sword Skill. 16 [48]
The Eclipse ジ・イクリプス The highest level Dual Blades Sword Skill. 27 [5]

Holy Sword (Unique Skill)[]

English Name Japanese Name Description Combo Ref
Divine Sword ? Releases a strong light from the sword to blind the opponent. 1 [46]

Weapon Defense[]

English Name Japanese Name Description Combo Ref
Spinning Shield スピニングシールド A defensive skill that involves spinning one's sword like a windmill, forming a half-transparent shield with the sword. [49][33][50]

Two-Handed Long Bow (ALO only)[]

English Name Japanese Name Description Combo Ref
Explode Arrow エクスプロード・アロー Arrows shot with the bow become fire arrows that explode upon contact. 10% physical, 90% flame damage. [11]

Composite Skills[]

English Name Japanese Name Description Combo Ref
Meteor Break メテオ・ブレイク A Martial Arts and One-Handed Sword composite skill that uses tackles to chain together strong attacks. 7 [18][51]
Meteor Fall メテオフォール A Sword Skill that combines a punch with the user's right fist and a slash with a sword. The sword is thrown into the air before the first hit of the skill. 2 [52]

List of known Sword Skills in Underworld[]

Generally, all Sword Skills available in Underworld (called «Secret Art Finishing Moves» or just «secret moves» in this world) are exactly the same ones that existed in Sword Art Online, but the residents of Underworld have given each of them a new name. Although, unlike in SAO, the «Sword Skills» that can be used by a person are determined by the «Priority» class of the weapon used, the higher the Priority, the higher combo skills can be used. Currently, only up to 4-hit combo skills have been used. Also, when a Sword Skill encounters another Sword Skill in Underworld, the two skills will not reflect each other occasionally, due to user's will, unlike in the original system in SAO.[24]

Additionally, several Sword schools have been created in Underworld, each focusing on specific Secret Arts to ensure that both swordsmen in battle would know what skills each of them could use to prevent accidentally dropping the «Life» of one's opponent.


A style "invented" by Kirito using his combat experience from SAO and consisting of multi-hit one-handed sword techniques. Despite having comparably less strength than two-handed sword techniques, the style compensates for this by using momentum to increase the force of one's strikes. When countering an opponent's sword, Aincrad-style users employ a multi-hit Skill or «Skill Connect» to block it and deliver a decisive blow on the last hit. The style also includes Martial Arts Skills using one's free hand.[citation needed]

Note: All moves of this class are named after the «Sword Skills» in SAO and all skills available in SAO are also part of this style.


  • «Azure Wind Slash» (SAO «Slant»)[26]


A style created by the Serlut family after they were forbidden from inheriting the High level Norlangarth style. It primarily makes use of two-handed sword techniques, along with unorthodox weapons, like whips, to disrupt the opponent's stances.[26]

  • «Whirling Current» (SAO two-handed spinning sword slash «Cyclone»)[26]
  • «Still Water»[26]
  • «Active Water»[26]

Norlangarth-style (Norkia-style)[]

Like most Underworld sword styles, it focuses on the "beauty of a single strike" and seems to primarily make use of one-handed sword techniques to overpower one's opponent through brute force. The style also unconsciously makes use of incarnation, using the one's pride to boost the strength of their sword.[53]

  • «Lightning Slash» (SAO «Vertical»)[53]

High Norlangarth-style (High Norkia-style)[]

A style reserved for nobles. Like most Underworld sword styles, it focuses on the "beauty of a single strike," using two-handed sword techniques to overpower opponents through brute force. The style also unconsciously makes use of incarnation, using the one's pride as a noble to boost strength of their sword.[26]

  • «Heavens and Mountains Break» (SAO «Avalanche»)[26]


  • «Head Sea» (SAO «Back Rush»)[24]


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  2. Written in kanji with furigana in the novel


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