Taft (タフト, Tafuto?) is the main settlement of the 11th Floor of Aincrad.


Taft is an urban city with stone floor streets and mostly 2-storey (with attics) brick buildings that are lined up along the main street with barely no space in-between.[1] The city also has a drain[2] running under a bridge[1] somewhat far away from the main street,[2] a fountain, as well as a rectangle Teleport Gate plaza.[1] There is a church or cathedral with iron doors, a couple of statues next to them, a bell tower at one side of the plaza, and a decorative gate at the other.[1]

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Red-Nosed ReindeerEdit

On April 8, 2023, due to Kirito having assisted the members of the Moonlit Black Cats at the 11th Floor Labyrinth, the guild members invited Kirito to an alehouse in Taft to thank him for his help. At the alehouse, the leader of the Black Cats, Keita, invited Kirito to join their guild, after Kirito misled them that he was around their level to avoid being called a Beater. Feeling attracted to the warm and family-like atmosphere of the guild, he accepted the offer and became a member of the Black Cats.

Since then, the alehouse was used as a temporary headquarters for the guild, as they did not have enough money to buy their own home, with Kirito sneaking out each night to continue his own leveling. One day, Sachi could not take the pressure of having to be a forward and hid herself at the city drains somewhat far away from the main street. While the rest of the guild went out to search for her in the Labyrinth, Kirito used his high-level «Tracking» skill to trace Sachi's location by following her footsteps from the inn. After finding Sachi and learning of her fear of dying, he comforted her by assuring that she would not die, but refrained from revealing how he would ensure this to avoid revealing his true level.

After they returned to the inn, Kirito informed the other guildmates that Sachi should continue being a lancer and that he himself could continue being the forward. From the next night on, Sachi came to Kirito's room every night, as she felt that being with him and hearing that she would not die helped her sleep peacefully.

On June 22, 2023, Keita left for the Town of Beginnings to negotiate the purchase of a home for the guild, while the rest of the guild headed out to the 27th Floor Labyrinth to gather enough funds to furnish.

After the demise of the Black Cats, Kirito treated a tree growing next to the inn in Taft as a replacement for a grave and continued to visit it every now and then until Aincrad was destroyed.[3]




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