A «Tamed Monster» (テイムド・モンスター, Teimudo Monsutā?) is a monster ally that assists its partner.



Pina, a Feathered Little Dragon and Silica's Tamed Monster

On a rare occasion, a monster would take a sudden interest in a nearby player, giving that player the chance to tame it by giving it something to eat. The feeding is usually a success by giving it one of its favorite foods. The monster would then become the player's Tamed Monster, a valuable ally that would assist the player.[1]

However, only a limited variety of small monsters can be tamed. The conditions needed to trigger the event are unclear but it is common knowledge that the event would not trigger if the player killed too many of the monster that they are trying to tame.[1]


Though Tamed Monsters are known to have low stats, they are able to use special skills to help players and make hunting easier.[1] Some of their known abilities are:

  • «Scan» - a scanning ability that warns the player of approaching monsters.[1]
  • «Heal» - a healing ability that heals a small percentage of the player's HP.[1]


A Tamed Monster must be fed regularly, as it usually only shows interest in food when its owner personally feeds it, ignoring even its favourite food otherwise and not even complaining directly when hungry. If a Tamed Monster isn't fed for a prolonged period of time, a hidden parameter for affinity will fall, leading to the abrupt termination of the "tamed" status and the ex-pet would either flee or attack its ex-owner.


Pina's Heart

A Tamed Monster's Heart

It is possible for Tamed Monsters to be killed during combat. When killed, these creatures might leave a «Heart», an item that will make it possible for their tamer to revive them with the help of the «Pneuma Flower», an item that can be obtained in the 47th Floor's northern dungeon, the «Hill of Memories». However, if the player fails to revive the Tamed Monster after three days of its death, the «Heart» will turn into «Remains», prohibiting the player from reviving it.[1]

In ALfheim Online, reviving Tamed Monsters is far easier, as it only requires the use of revival magic, but this is not suitable to be done in the middle of battle, as revival magic takes a long time to chant.[2]

Tamable MonstersEdit

Monster Name Food
Feathered Little Dragon Peanut


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