Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This label template is used to mark articles with official names with widespread incorrect name translations, which attract unnecessary name changing edits.
Type {{Official Naming}} at the start of an article. The label can be customised with the following parameters:
{{Official Naming
|Issue =
|Type = 
|Source =
Issue: used to indicate what part of the name is causing problems (e.g. spelling, capitalisation). If left empty, the label will display "spelling" by default.
Type: used to specify the type of the name (e.g. character name, guild name, song name etc.). If left empty, the label will display "character's name" by default.
Source: used to indicate the source for the official name (e.g. the author's twitter, the light novels, the anime, the manga etc.). If left empty, the label will display "by the author". If filled in, the label will display "in the [indicated source]".
{{Official Naming}}
Results in:
{{Official Naming
|Issue = capitalisation
|Type = song name
|Source = anime credits
Results in:

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