• Hi there. Looks like both of us act like a "security guards" here lol :p The watchlist posts beside Dim1 are all ours.

    By the way, I just want to say hello to you :) I think it's good to make new friends who are also active editor here.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot, happy new year 2013 :)

    Best regards,

    Ethrundr (talk) 16:49, January 4, 2013 (UTC)

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    • xD Haha, yeah, I noticed that.

      I check up on the wiki almost every hour of the day, on days i'm not doing much... So yeah, good day to you :P

      And Happy New Year to you as well.. I'm still trying to remember it's 2013 now XD

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    • I checked the wikia during breaks on my office hours lol.. It's seems around 2am to 10am in UTC time. I also take my time at home while not watching any animes, it's around 11am to 5pm UTC.

      I bet the first page you load in this wiki is the recent changes page (that's what I do though and also the reason why  can caught lot of vandals hehe).

      Lol yeah, these 4 days I keep writing "2012" as the year. Fortunately, I just need to add a 'tail' to fix it become 2013 lol.

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