• So we have a little inconsistency with Shiune/Shiunee/Sieunee's name. We've got 3 known versions:

    • Shiune (article name and current Vol 7 version)
    • Shiunee/An Shi En (infobox and text)
    • Sieunee/Ahn Si-eun (BT guidelines)

    Which version are we sticking with?

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    • So many conflicts...

      I think article(page) name should be the same with the one in infobox. So, what about changing one of them?

      As for BT guidelines, it is up to us whether we will follow them or not.

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    • You're telling me... I'm the one who brings most of them up for discussion to get them resolved.

      I'm just listing all available options so we could choose the best one. I believe I read somewhere that her name is Korean and that Reki had to correct it. Can't remember where I've read it though.

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    • Thanks! That give us some insights...

      But we still need to decide on it. From BT thread, display name should be "Sieunee" and a real name "An Si-eun", right? I don't know if "h" in "Ahn" is necessary or not. I guess it only help us in pronunciation and it is not needed.

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    • Thank you for the source. I knew I've read it somewhere. Alright, so I'll go change her name to An Si-eun and Sieunee on all the articles.

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