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    18:51, June 21, 2014

    So while on my katakana hunt, I noticed that BT guidelines had the katakana +kanji for "Central Capital "Arun" (direct translation via google). I had also managed to get the katakana + kanji for Central Capital Centoria when I did that page.

    The question is, which of the two forms should we use (i.e. with or without the "Central Capital")? I ask this becuase the bolded versions at the top of the page are usually the same as the article's name, while I personally chose simpler and/or more common versions of a name for article names to make them easier to find.


    • Use the full name on the page, while sticking to the simpler names for article names (that's what Centoria currently looks like).
    • Add "also known as..." or "officially known as..." next to the simpler name. Use the simpler one for the infobox (current Aarun).
    • Change the simpler names to the more complex ones (not the best option; though it does sound more pompastic).
    • Ignore the complex names.
    • (add anything else that I forgot).
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    • It should be fine without central capital, unless more then ten people askĀ  where ArunĀ  is then we should be fine.

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