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    Resolved: Salemburg renamed to Selmburg. Kobatz is confirmed by Reki to be the official name.
    20:32, July 9, 2014

    I would like to bring up another discussion about the spelling of a couple names on the wiki. The current spellings for these 2 pages are "Salemburg" and "Cobert".

    The kata for Salemburg/Selmburg is セルムブルグ (Serumuburugu), where "ru" is likely an approximation for "l" and extra "u"s are there due to too many consonants following one another. In other words, this kata name would imply Selmburg, not Salemburg, which would likely be written as セイレムブルグ (Seiremuburugu), if we take that the "a" should be pronounced as "ei".

    For Cobert/Corbatz, the dub has reached episode 9 and it pronounces his name as Corbatz or something... not sure about the spelling of course.

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    • Now actually looking at the kata, I believe, yes, it is supposed to be written (and pronounced) Selmburg.

      • listened to horrible dub*...

      He says "Corbatz (Korr-bohtss)". It's probably to straightforward translate コロバッツ or something like that (trying to rip kata from my head.

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    • The only thing wrong with your kata is that Japanese tend to omit the "r" sound and instead just extend the previous vowel, so it's コーバッツ. Anyway, the dub is semi-official (as in, it has made mistakes, but they should be more reliable than fan translations), so I guess Corbatz makes more sense than Cobert.

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    • The dub is the closest to official as we have it, unless someone contacts Reki himself for the intended spelling. I'll add it if you haven't yet...

      And I guess that goes for all instances of "Cobert" (change into "Corbatz")

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    • Dub is considered "semi-official", because it makes blatant mistakes, (Such as renaming "Divine Dragon Aliance" to "Holy Dragon Aliance," even though the LN has "Divine" in katakana...)

      But yeah, if a term it uses doesn't conflict with the LN, we use it.

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    • If you'd like to standardize each instance, be my guest.

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    • Well, I renamed both pages. Hopefully, I didn't miss standardising any pages.

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    • I just wanted to point out that if we went with Cobert, the kata should have been something like コベルト (dunno where the ッ would be...). It took me this long to realize >.>

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