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    Resolved: trivia updated to mention that this only applies to the web.
    20:34, July 9, 2014

    Alright so... Recently, Gsi asked me how far off is the mention of DDA's disban... I went and checked through the LN, but found nothing. Then I started looking ahead in the Web Novel, starting from where the current translation is... I found nothing...

    So then... I went ahead and looked up all three ways to spell DDA, ("DDA", "ディヴァイン・ドラゴンズ・アライアンス", and "聖竜連合") throughout all of Alicization and only found a single mention of "聖竜連合"... And it was during Kirito's conversation with Cardinal, in the Grand Library

    Here's the raw text,


    Or for better context, the link to the file in my Google Docs.

    I'm not really sure how to interpret this... But whatever this is saying, it was completely ommitted from the Light Novel, even if it's saying that DDA disbanned.

    Should we remove the Disbanned status, and after getting a proper translation, add it to the trivia, if it was infact disbanned in the Web Novel?

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    • If the supposed disband of the guild was mentioned in a part of the web novel that was changed and there's not further mention of it being disbanded, I say we remove this information from the article until/if it's ever mentioned in the published version.

      If we find proof that it was disbanded in the web, but there was no mention of that in the published version, we could just add it later on as trivia/adaptation notes.

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