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    I'll make pages for those OSS which have a clear description.
    10:59, November 21, 2014

    Since a few editors/wiki visitors were asking about a page for Mother's Rosario (the OSS one), I was wondering if we should make articles for OSSs too? When I made regular SS pages, since we only had 2 OSSs with a known description, only 1 of which had an illustration, I didn't make any OSS pages at the time, as these skills would likely have a separate category that would only end up having two pages in it. But, as Mother's Rosario and (maybe) Starry Tear do have enough content for a page and because someone is already linking Mother's Rosario, I thought I'd bring this up for discussion.

    So, a simple yes or no question: should we have articles for each OSS with a description?

    Edit: Proofreading my post.

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    • nah, we've only got 4 known OSS, but 2 of them are normal SS so it's not really worth it yet, unless Reki does more side stories in ALO and gives us more of them

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    • i believe OSS is just a sub-cat of SS and thus it should not be treated differently from ordinary SS in term of page making

      p.s. some supporting opinion: Thread:23424

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    • Well we should wait till the anime comes out so we have accompanying animations, but it is possible to make them and add later, but for action based motions unless specifically described should be based off the anime.

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    • 1. That would be at least half a year of waiting.

      2. We have SS articles for skills without animation too.

      3. The anime has messed up some motions of the skills we have a description for, so it's only viable as a "if nothing better is present" case.

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    • (As a note, animation shown in Dengeki FC's adaption of MR skill would at least match the novel's description.

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    • Video link?

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    • but not aactually the type of animation you would want to put in article..

      for example, 0:31 of

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    • Yeah.... That's a very unclear execution. I can't tell how each individual hit is executed.

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