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    07:04, June 11, 2014
    • id really like to know as kirito is my favourite charachter and it seems strange thinkging of him playing as a girl

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    • Yes and no at the same time.

      While Kirito is obviously a male, he is given a female avatar in GGO because of a system error when the AmuSphere headset was interpreting his brainwaves. What results is him being in an extremely attractive female avatar's body (with male sexual organs), an incredibly rare occurance. In fact, as soon as he spawns, a man offers to buy his avatar from him for millions of in-game credits.

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    • wow... ive been really confused about that... no one has explained it... so thanks

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    • He's not given a "female" avatar, he's given a "feminine" avatar. The system still treats him as a male, despite giving him a girlier avatar than some female avatars.

      Also, please read ourĀ season 2 FAQ before asking any more of such questions, as most of them have been asked and answered hundreds of times already.

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